Pricing For Addiction Treatment

Many are curious how much alcohol or drug rehab will cost.While treatment can be expensive, the financial cost of your addiction in the long term can cost you much more.

We believe that treatment is an investment into your future, and we want to do all that we can to help you make the investment.

Affording Treatment Looks Different For Everyone

Many of our guests are able to afford treatment with significant help from their insurance company, others finance their treatment or pay in cash, and others are able to receive a rehab scholarship to help cover the cost.

  • Insurance: We are in network with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, and accept all insurance companies with out-of-network benefits (PPO).
  • Financing: We’re able to finance up to half of your treatment cost. Exact amounts will vary depending on your credit.
  • Cash: If you choose to pay cash for treatment, we accept cash/cashier’s check, visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Calculate the Costs of Your Addiction

Every addiction is different and so is the price you pay to maintain the destructive lifestyle.  The cost to a teenager experimenting with heroin is very different than that of a middle-aged meth addict who has been using drugs for most of his/her life.

We’ve created a tool that will help you calculate the cost of your addiction specific to your situation. Click the link below to find out exactly what addiction is costing you or a loved one. It’s not too late to get answers and start the recovery process.

Calculate the Costs