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Buprenorphine Prescriptions Tripled to Fight Opioid Epidemic

The abuse of opioids has become a prevalent problem throughout the United States. In fact, many consider this form of substance abuse to be an epidemic, as it has caused devastation in the lives of countless individuals, and yet appears to be continuously growing in prevalence. It has been estimated that 80 people die from overdoses on opioid-based substances, which includes prescription painkillers and heroin, every day in the United... Read More

Drug Use on the Job

Here in the Golden State, our communities bustle with a wealth of opportunity. There are countless ways to advance professionally, working alongside leaders in a variety of industries. Here in California, we’re proud of our workforce and all they’ve accomplished, but beneath the surface of career success and economic viability lies an unfortunate truth. Californians from all walks of life suffer from the negative impact of addiction, and countless individuals... Read More

Prescription Pill Abuse in Sacramento County

Heroin. Morphine. OxyContin. Vicodin. Mention the term “dangerous opioids” to most people, and these four substances are likely to be the first drugs that come to mind. Talk about dangerous opioids with someone in the Sacramento area, and it’s increasingly likely that he or she will add another drug to that list: Fentanyl. A extremely powerful synthetic opioid, fentanyl is commonly employed in medical situations as an anesthetic or to... Read More

The Importance of Leaving the City for Treatment

Stepping away from one’s everyday life poses many advantages when taking on the endeavor of becoming sober. Residential treatment, an option for care that enables men and women to fully focus on recovery in a setting that is free from the temptation of using substances, is a level of care that has helped countless individuals win the war against addiction and chemical dependency. However, for the busy professional, residential treatment... Read More

Lessons From John Lennon and His Song, “Cold Turkey”

“Temperature’s rising Fever is high Can’t see no future Can’t see no sky My feet are so heavy So is my head I wish I was a baby I wish I was dead Cold turkey has got me on the run My body is aching Goose-pimple bone Can’t see no body Leave me alone My eyes are wide open Can’t get to sleep One thing I’m sure of I’m at... Read More

Narcan for Heroin Overdose: Miracle Cure or a Last Resort?

Yesterday, the FDA has approved a drug called Evzio, a nasal spray version of Narcan, an antidote for heroin overdose. Narcan, also known by its generic name naloxone, is part of a growing public health campaign to reduce deaths from heroin and opioid overdose. With the recent tragic deaths of beloved celebrity stars such as Cory Monteith and Philip Seymour Hoffman still fresh in our minds, the Narcan movement has generated... Read More

Monteith Autopsy Reveals Deadly Mix of Heroin and Alcohol

Canadian officials confirmed Tuesday that the death of “Glee” star Cory Monteith was due to a tragic combination of alcohol and heroin. With this confirmation, Cory joins the many who we’ve lost in current years to overdose and mixing substances. Step 1: We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable. Monteith: Powerless Over Addiction Cory Monteith knew he was powerless over his addiction. His first realization... Read More

How Heroin and Alcohol Can Kill You in Five Minutes

When Cory Monteith, the Canadian lead actor on Glee, died this past weekend, we were brought face-to-face with the reality that an overdose is far too easy. How could this tragedy have happened? Is it really possible for heroin and alcohol to kill? Unfortunatley, this deadly mixture is far too common. Heroin and alcohol both depress the part of the brain that controls the basic functions of life—breathing, body temperature,... Read More

How Oxycontin Caused an Increase in Heroin Abuse

When Purdue Pharma released a new, abuse-resistant version of Oxycontin in 2010, many thought we had taken a solid step toward reducing the abuse of prescription drugs. As it turns out, they were correct; the new coating on Oxycontin did reduce prescription drug abuse. A study released by the drug manufacturer reported that since the reformulation of the drug, the number of addicts who abused Oxycontin fell 30% since the... Read More

The 10 Most Addictive Drugs in the World

Do you know how addictive the drug is you are taking? While many factors determine whether or not you’ll get addicted to drugs, the risks associated with getting addicted to some drugs is higher than others. The reason? Drugs have varying degrees of addictiveness — some drugs can have you hooked after just the first try — while others may take awhile to become addicted to. We uncover the 10 most... Read More

NBA Star Experiences Lasting Recovery After Longterm Rehab

Former NBA star and stand-out Fresno State point guard Chris Herren talks about his drug addiction and recovery. “Truth is, I should be dead,” he says in the interview with CNN. “[I am alive] by the grace of God, 12 steps, and my recovery program. If it wasn’t for people extending their hand and offering me treatment and staying in treatment, I probably wouldn’t be here today.” 12 Years of... Read More