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Molly Bourne, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Margaret “Molly” Bourne received her medical degree from UCSF and completed her residency at Stanford University. She is board-certified in Family Medicine, Addiction Medicine and Hospice and Palliative Care. While working in Family Medicine, Molly began to notice how much substance use, misuse and addiction played significant roles in many of her patient’s lives, health and overall wellbeing. Desiring to better understand how to help, she began a path of education and professional experience that has led her to be able to treat complicated and severe forms of substance use and co-occurring disorders.

Molly also recognized the training needs of others and is as passionate about education as she is patient care. She invests in the people she works with, providing consultation, education and mentoring about addiction, drugs, medications and pharmacology. Molly’s overall philosophy emphasizes the connection between feelings and substance use and importance of clinical work and supportive environments in conjunction with other modalities to help enhance her patient’s success. Her compassionate nature helps patients develop a sense of trust and safety, which ultimately creates a collaborative relationship with the entire medical and nursing staff while in treatment.

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On July 26th, 2013, I entered Duffy’s after detoxing. Thanks to the good foundation I got here, I am still sober! I hope the first Monday’s activities are checking out what meetings you will go to after you leave Duffy’s. I am still going to the ones I wrote down 5 years ago. Thanks for being there for folks like me who could not stop drinking.

– A former guest
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