Dating and Recovery: When Should I Get Back in the Game?

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Powerless Over Alcohol: Experiencing the First Step of Alcoholics Anonymous

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A 336 Word Letter to Anyone in Recovery

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How to Get the Most Out of Group Therapy

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DUI a Rock Bottom for Michael Phelps?

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How One Family Made It Through Mom’s Addiction to Alcohol

This September marks the 25th annual celebration of National Recovery Month. The simplicity of this year’s theme—“Speak Up. Reach Out,” demonstrates the community’s continued effort to smash ... Read More →

Discouraged about Restoring Relationships in Recovery? One Man’s Hope

Alcohol and drugs consume us to the exclusion of all else.  Friendships become strained and broken because of our errant behavior. Professionalism at work disappears. Family ties are sacrificed for our own immediate needs. ... Read More →

What I Learned Writing Gratitude Lists

In early sobriety, I was asked by my sponsor to write a daily gratitude list. I recall answering in this fashion, “Gratitude? You’re kidding, right? What do I have to be grateful ... Read More →

5 Sneaky Ways Your Addiction May be Costing You

Many people are reluctant to admit they have a problem with drugs and alcohol, and that’s understandable. Addiction is a serious illness that renders the victim powerless over their substance use—something ... Read More →

How to Know If You’re in Denial

I drank like an alcoholic for many years before I knew I had a problem. I drank at night, during the afternoon, during the day. I drank before advising sessions in college and at 8 a ... Read More →