Announcing the Recovery Photo Contest Winners

We recently asked you to share an original photo showing just what recovery means to you. And so many of you did!  First, we want to thank every one of you who shared your ... Read More →

Sobriety Liberated Me from a Self-imposed Prison

“Many people are living in an emotional jail without realizing it.” –Virginia Satir Anxiety, depression, tension, unhappiness, confusion, anger…these may be factors that cause us to drink and/or drug. ... Read More →

10 Fun Ways to Turn Down an Alcoholic Beverage

  Rule 62: Don't take yourself too seriously If you've been in the rooms at all, you've probably heard it more than once: "Dont take yourself too darn seriously." We thought it would ... Read More →

Duffy’s Serenity Prayer Short Film Wins Best of Show

In 2014, San Francisco had its first REEL Recovery Film Festival. We were thrilled to be a part of this pioneering event and also, to enter a film of our own in the contest. We were ... Read More →

Should an Addict Use Opiate Painkillers?

Consider this: you are in long-term recovery for addiction and you have been progressing quite well. Suddenly, you are involved in an accident—a car wreck, a fall at work, or a sports injury ... Read More →

Enter the Duffy’s Recovery Photo Contest

Each story of recovery is unique and beautiful. We want to experience what recovery looks like through your eyes, so we’re introducing the Duffy's recovery photo contest. If you’re in ... Read More →

How Selfishness Transformed to Selflessness in Sobriety

“…to have a crisis and act upon it is one thing. To dwell in perpetual crisis is another.” –Barbara Grizzuti Harrison Being raised in an affluent area by parents who showed ... Read More →

How to Enjoy New Year’s Eve Without Sacrificing Your Sobriety

If there’s ever a time that it’s “okay” to drink, it’s on New Year’s Eve. Society seems to conspire around us to make that very ... Read More →

Merry Christmas from Duffy’s Napa Valley

May the miracle of recovery be real to you this Christmas, and may God bless you as you surround yourself with your family, your A.A. family and your Duff’y family. Wishing you ... Read More →

5 Tips for a Sober Christmas Season

Maintaining sobriety through the holidays can be a challenge, especially early in sobriety.  I know an “old timer” that says, “Going to a holiday gathering this time of the year in ... Read More →