Enter the Duffy’s Recovery Photo Contest

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How Selfishness Transformed to Selflessness in Sobriety

“…to have a crisis and act upon it is one thing. To dwell in perpetual crisis is another.” –Barbara Grizzuti Harrison Being raised in an affluent area by parents who showed ... Read More →

How to Enjoy New Year’s Eve Without Sacrificing Your Sobriety

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Merry Christmas from Duffy’s Napa Valley

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5 Tips for a Sober Christmas Season

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Tricks of the Trade: How Trading Addictions Impacts Sobriety

Some years ago I owned a restaurant. My produce supplier and I became fast friends, hitting it off right away.   Sometimes on weekends, his wife would sometimes accompany him on deliveries.  They both ... Read More →

Gratitude Week: Tradition 5 and a Chance to Help Others

"What then could be more appropriate than to set aside Thanksgiving week for discussion of the practical and spiritual values to be discovered in our Traditions?” –Bill W. November is Gratitude Month, a ... Read More →

10 Best Apps for Recovery

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Do I Have to Believe in God to Recover from Addiction?

The short answer to this question is it depends—it depends on your response to questions like: How do you define God? What does it really mean to believe in something? Do you have ... Read More →

5 Books Every Addict’s Family Should Read

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