Admissions Process

You’ve made the decision to come to rehab. Now what? What should you bring? What should you leave at home? When should you arrive?

Our caring and qualified staff will help you to set up your reservation, arrange transportation, and get settled into treatment.

What are the Criteria for Admissions?

We admit adults of at least 18 years of age who are struggling with an addiction to a mind- or mood-altering substance.  We do accept guests who have been court-referred by law enforcement.

What Do I Bring to Treatment?

  • Casual, Comfortable Clothes: Our atmosphere is casual and comfortable.
  • Personal Hygiene Items: Pack your toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, and shampoo, etc.
  • Prescription Medications: Pack your medications (in the original bottle with doctor prescribed protocol) in a plastic Ziplock bag to bring with you. These will be locked in an office and given to you at the appropriate times during the day.
  • Cell phones: There are some restrictions as to when and where you can use your cell phone, but you may bring it with you. If your phone has a camera, be respectful of the anonymity of our guests. Please, only take pictures with other guests if you have their permission and do not post pictures on social networks.
  • Spending money: During your stay, you will have several opportunities to go into town for shopping. And you’ll want some money for vending machines.
  • Small Free Time Activities: We have many opportunities for you to exercise and get to know others in recovery, but feel free to pack a good book or some small games.

What Can I Leave at Home?

  • Bedding and Towels (we provide them)
  • Valuables (But if you need to bring something valuable, we can secure it in our safe for you.)

Am I Able to Smoke or Use the Internet?

  • Smoking is allowed in a designated area of the facility.
  • We do have controlled internet access in a public area. You may also bring your personal laptop and connect to the wi-fi in designated areas.

Can I Get a Ride From the Airport?

We have contracted with a limousine company to provide transportation to and from the international airports in San Francisco, Oakland, and Sacramento. A one-way fare is about $200 (all of these airports are about 2 hours away). Our admission staff can help you set up this transportation.

When and How Do I Make my Down Payment?

Most people make a down payment before they arrive in order to confirm their reservation; however, if you have not already made a down payment by the time you arrive, you will be asked to do that during the admit process.

Methods of payment include cash, cashier’s check, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Where Should I Go When I Arrive at Duffy’s?

Feel free to park your car in front of the main building (the one with the big front porch).

You can either leave your luggage in the car or on the front porch, but make sure you bring your medications—that you’ve already packed in a clear, plastic Ziploc bag—with you when you come inside.

If you have an scheduled appointment and arrival time, someone will meet you at the front door; otherwise, simply turn right after entering the building and then make a left at the end of the room—you’ll see the reception window in front of you.

What Happens during the Admit Process?

The admit process generally takes about an hour. Family and friends are welcome to walk the grounds or visit in the lobby while you are being admitted.

During the admit process, you will meet with the doctor (as needed), give us your medical history, sign some legal paperwork, take some tests (i.e. breathalyzers), and make a down payment if you haven’t already made one.

After your paperwork and tests are completed, we will show your room to you and then give you some time to say goodbye to your friends and family.

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