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12 Tips on Staying Sober This Holiday

These 12 simple and timeless tips can help you stay sober over the holidays. (from the December 1978 Hummer, adapted from Box 459) Line up extra A.A. activities for the holiday season. Be host to A.A. friends, especially newcomers. Keep your A.A. telephone list handy. Find out about special holiday parties. Skip any drinking occasions you are nervous about. If you have to go to a drinking party, keep some candy handy. Don’t... Read More

How I Survived My First Sober Christmas

“So this is Christmas And what have you done Another year over And a new one just begun And so this is Christmas I hope you have fun The near and the dear ones The old and the young A very merry Christmas And a happy New Year Let’s hope it’s a good one Without any fear…” Christmas is upon us once again and the above is my favorite song... Read More

How to Stay Sober on Vacation

In my second year of sobriety, I took my first sober vacation. Cape Cod, Massachusetts Low on sufficient funds, a friend and I traveled locally to Cape Code, Massachusetts. We rented a campsite next to a small lake. There were showers and a pavilion in case of inclement weather, and that was about it! The four-day getaway was to be relaxing, quiet, and a chance to test our ability to... Read More

How to Enjoy New Year’s Eve Without Sacrificing Your Sobriety

If there’s ever a time that it’s “okay” to drink, it’s on New Year’s Eve. Society seems to conspire around us to make that very point. Ads on the television, radio and bilboards along highways try to convince us that one particular brand of liquor or another will deliver us the greatest party, making everyone inherently more social and fun. Alcohol may enhance the fun for some, but that’s certainly... Read More

Merry Christmas from Duffy’s Napa Valley

May the miracle of recovery be real to you this Christmas, and may God bless you as you surround yourself with your family, your A.A. family and your Duff’y family. Wishing you a very blessed Christmas and a happy new year!  

5 Tips for a Sober Christmas Season

Maintaining sobriety through the holidays can be a challenge, especially early in sobriety.  I know an “old timer” that says, “Going to a holiday gathering this time of the year in early sobriety was like walking into a college final exam.  You can study all you want, but you still don’t know what’s going to be on the test.” Seeing family, attending work parties, and just generally being around the... Read More

Throwback Thursday: Happy Fourth of July from the Duffy Family

We are grateful for many things in our recovery, but one of the greatest blessings of all is living in a land of freedom. We can pursue our passions, start businesses, hold private meetings, voice our opinions, and pray to a God of our choosing. So many things we do in Twelve Step meetings are possible only because of the freedoms our forefathers fought to preserve. We thank and honor... Read More

How do I celebrate Valentine’s Day when my loved one’s in rehab?

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. But if your loved one’s in rehab, no matter how deeply you inhale, it feels lonely when the one you love is so many miles away at treatment. Alone on Valentine’s Day Even though you’re happy that they’re in a place of healing, you still miss them a lot. After all, 28 or 60 or 90 days is a long time to be away... Read More

New Year’s Resolution: Dieting to Enhance Your Recovery

According to, “Quit Drinking” ranks among the top ten most popular New Year’s Resolution. Now that you’re out of rehab and well on your way to achieving that goal, it’s time to focus on another top ten resolution: losing weight. Or is it? Is it Healthy to Lose weight in Recovery? Although everyone should be aware of their diet, resolving to lose weight may be dangerous for those early... Read More

Finding Hope in the New Year

There’s something magical about New Year’s. There is a feeling that has nothing to do with the glitter of party lights or the boom of fireworks and an atmosphere alive with expectations unrelated to presents or Santa Claus. It all comes down to one thing: New Year’s means new beginnings and second chances. As a time of reflection, reevaluation and resolution, New Year’s is a time of hope and change.... Read More

How to Stay Sober on New Year’s Eve

It doesn’t matter where you live; New Year’s is the wettest day of the year as people across the nation celebrate by breaking out the booze. During a time where everyone is drinking, it may seem like those in recovery are the only ones not swimming in party hats, sparklers, and empty beer bottles—and makes us wonder if it’s even possible to stay sober and enjoy yourself during a New... Read More

Spreading Christmas Cheer

With Thanksgiving being so late this year, Christmas is really sneaking up on us. Can you believe it’s only 9 days away!? If your life is anything like ours, it’s easy to get consumed with all the shopping, sending out Christmas cards, baking and everything else, that we forget to just relax for a few minutes and enjoy the beauty of the season. Since Gene, (the founder of Duffy’s) loved... Read More

5 Steps to a Successful Sober Holiday Party

Being sober and social is hard—especially during the holidays. Everyone knows the holiday season brings with it many opportunities for drinking. The 12 days of Christmas, bringing in the New Year, getting distant family together and other holiday festivities all seem to invite alcohol back into the house. For a recovering, or recovered addict, the holidays can become a difficult time of year. To combat the pressure and stress brought... Read More

Are You Still Grateful? Why Thanksgiving Matters in Recovery

If you’ve been in recovery for many years, your attitude towards holidays has probably changed a lot since your first years sober.  At first maybe you worried about how to just get through the holidays sober. But now, with so many sober turkeys under your belt, you’re the one giving the advice. Sure, you still have to be careful, but you’ve learned the holiday routine and know how to maneuver... Read More

Facing the Challenges of Thanksgiving Day: Wisdom from Twitter

Alcoholism: A Three-Fold Disease I once heard someone say in a meeting, “Alcoholism is a three-fold disease: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.” And for newbies in recovery, that pretty much sums up how we feel about the disease of addiction—especially at this time of year. Why? Because holidays are a mixed bag of conflicting emotions and desires. We want to enjoy ourselves and stay sober at the same time. We... Read More