Duffy’s Recent Guest Reviews

We are proud to announce the results of the most recent HealthStream survey filled out by Duffy’s guests who completed their treatment.

HealthStream is a leading provider of learning and research solutions for the healthcare industry, transforming insight into action by surveying clients and delivering outcomes-based results for healthcare organizations.

Part of an Acadia-wide program, these surveys are handed to our guests during their last week in treatment. The sealed pre-addressed envelopes (to protect anonymity and increase participation) are collected and mailed directly to the HealthStream facility.

Duffy’s scored consistently 85% positive or higher in almost every category, surpassing Acadia’s sister facilities and the Recovery Division as a whole.

Duffy’s received 100% positive in the following categories:

  • Felt safe with providers – 100% Positive
  • Care responsive to needs – 100% Positive
  • Likelihood to recommend – 100% Positive
  • How often were you treated with courtesy and respect – 100% Positive
  • Understood purpose of taking medications after treatment – 100% Positive
  • Felt hopeful as a result of care – 100% Positive

The Duffy’s team is committed to striving for excellence!