Should I Hire a Professional Interventionist?

We value those of you who work directly with those struggling with an addiction. Often, you are the first ones to notice a problem and work hard to encourage treatment. If you do not already have a partnership with us, we would count it a privilege to meet with you.

Credentials & Accreditation

Clinical and professional staff are educated in biopsychosocial aspects of addiction, withdrawal and early stages of abstinence/recovery, as well as relapse prevention. Because many of our counselors are in recovery themselves, they bring a significant level of empathy and understanding as well as educational knowledge to their sessions. With a ratio of one counselor to six guests, we have the time to invest personally in each of our guests. We are licensed and accredited by the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs and are also affiliated with:

  • NAFC
  • CAA

Curriculum & Philosophy

Embracing the abstinence recovery model, we are a traditional 12 Step program that utilizes weekly private counseling sessions, lectures, group discussions, and 12 Step meetings. Each guest receives a binder with handouts and notes to use during their stay and keep for reference later.

We’ve divided our curriculum into two programs: The Standard Program (28 Days) and The Extended Care Program (60 to 90 Days). At many treatment centers, guests staying longer than 28 days will receive the same curriculum as they did in the first 28 days, but not here. At Duffy’s, guests in the extended care program have their own track, sessions, and meetings, which includes in-depth training on relapse prevention.


Converted from an old hot springs resort in 1967, Duffy’s in Calistoga, CA, sits in northern Napa Valley County. Natural geysers, mountains and streams surround the property and its beautiful grounds. Guests can truly relax and rejuvenate while their bodies heal.

Legacy: Welcome to the Family

Since 1967, we have been a family business for a family problem. We consider everyone we work with to be a part of the family. While business is important to us, so are relationships. In establishing partnerships with professionals, our goal is to build a continuous cycle of mutual aid. When our alumni need help, we are more than willing to refer them to the appropriate partners. Likewise, when their clients need to make a life change, we are here to make the referral and intake process seamless. We have done this with over 36,000 guests and are accessible 24/7.


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Trusted by 38,000 families since 1967.

Hi, my name is Linda. In 1992 it was the biggest day of my life. Why? That was the day I entered Mr. Duffy’s house, I had a choice to live or die. I chose to live.

– A former guest