Residential Methadone Addiction Treatment Center in Napa Valley, California

With over 38,000 guests treated and a completion rate over 90%, Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab outperforms other residential methadone addiction treatment centers by building the necessary foundation for long-term recovery through expert 12-Step treatment for alcohol addiction in Northern California.

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It is easy to assume that detoxing from Methadone will make your life better, but recovering from Methadone dependency won’t happen overnight. It’s a process—and that means time and a change of scenery. This is why Methadone rehab is so crucial for freedom through sobriety—you need to be able to escape from your normal schedule to a safe and nurturing environment, so you have a chance to rebuild your body and spirit.

And we know what we’re talking about. For over 45 years, Duffy’s in northern California has been helping guests find freedom and peace from their Methadone addiction. Success is best measured by its outcome. At Duffy’s, we’ve been able to measure our success through the testimonies of others. More than 45 years later, over 36,000 people have been helped through the work of Gene, his family, and the great staff at Duffy’s. The success of our program speaks for itself—we are changing lives.


We recognize that your Methadone addiction has become a disease. Therefore, we embrace the medical model that addiction is a disease, and we use the social model—which includes a thorough 12 Step educational curriculum & workbook, weekly private counseling sessions, relapse prevention training, and peer support in a serene environment—to treat your Methadone addiction.


So many people think that because they drink or use Methadone, they’re a horrible person. But this isn’t necessarily true. While you do need to acknowledge the problem, you also need to know that often your true self has been eclipsed by Methadone. At Duffy’s, we intentionally create balance in our educational curriculum to help you explore, discover, or re-discover some of your wonderful traits and talents.

12 Steps

The success and history of the 12 Step philosophy for Methadone addiction speaks for itself. Our teaching, counseling, and workbooks are based 100% on the 12 Step philosophy because it works. Since Bill Wilson began Alcoholic’s Anonymous, millions of people have discovered a second chance on life.

1-On-1 Counseling

Methadone addiction doesn’t happen without reason. Some treatment centers treat the symptoms of addictions, but not what led to the addiction in the first place. This is one reason Methadone detox isn’t enough and private counseling is so crucial for achieving long-term sobriety. At Duffy’s, a compassionate and credentialed counselor will listen to your story and then provide you with strategies to help you unearth the problems that led to the Methadone addiction and create a unique exit strategy for leaving treatment.


During Methadone rehab, we keep you busy, but we also give you time to relax and recuperate. Our structured schedule is a balanced mix of learning sessions, discussion groups, and 1-on-1 counseling sessions, paired with a time to relax, exercise, make friends, eat, and sleep.

Family Support

Years ago, our founder, Gene Duffy, claimed that Duffy’s was a “family business for a family problem.” And we still support the family members today. Family members are encouraged to visit during Saturday family days. On Saturdays, family members can attend special family-only sessions or schedule a visit with their loved one and his or her counselor to discuss strategies for leaving treatment.

Aftercare Support

Recovery is a process—which means change doesn’t happen overnight. If you stay for at least 28 days or longer, we will include a year of aftercare visits—for free—to give you continued support once you return home. If you take our extended care program of 60 or 90 days, you will also receive in-depth relapse prevention tools to help you overcome Methadone.


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Trusted by 38,000 families since 1967.

Feeling more like a vacation than a recovery facility and the staff feeling more like friends went a long way for me in linking recovery to a positive experience. Having such a close-knit group as well as the expertise and experience of the staff got me on my way. Thank you guys a ton! 4 years and 2 months strong.

– A former guest