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How to Ask for Help with Alcoholism as a Parent with a Family

In the 1994 Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia film When a Man Loves a Woman, two parents struggle with the effects of Ryan’s character’s alcoholism and fight to keep their marriage and family together. The reality of seeking care for alcoholism is certainly no Hollywood movie, but When a Man Loves a Woman beautifully illustrates some of the challenges and things to consider when seeking treatment, such as: Talk to... Read More

The Importance of Family Support During Treatment

For many individuals, struggling with an addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs can be a painfully lonely experience. A great deal of time is often spent acquiring, using, and recovering from the abuse of the substance(s) upon which one has become dependent. Additionally, those who are addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs frequently give up once-importance activities and meaningful relationships in favor of drug use, which can, unfortunately, cause strain... Read More

The importance of continuing care

Defeating an addiction can be one of the proudest moments of an individual’s life, and rightfully so. All of the work and dedication that goes into overcoming the compulsion to use drugs or alcohol can be extremely difficult, so when that success is achieved, it can feel as though the struggle is over and that one will never have to deal with that compulsion again. Unfortunately, however, it is not... Read More

The Importance of Leaving the City for Treatment

Stepping away from one’s everyday life poses many advantages when taking on the endeavor of becoming sober. Residential treatment, an option for care that enables men and women to fully focus on recovery in a setting that is free from the temptation of using substances, is a level of care that has helped countless individuals win the war against addiction and chemical dependency. However, for the busy professional, residential treatment... Read More

5 Books Every Addict’s Family Should Read

Making it through a loved one’s addiction can be very challenging. Exploring the stories and opinions of others can help and encourage you through this period of your life. Below you will find a list of five of our favorite recovery books for families. For each book we’ve included Some of our favorite quotes Kindle and print prices Page length A quick reason why you should read it #1 In... Read More

How One Family Made It Through Mom’s Addiction to Alcohol

This September marks the 25th annual celebration of National Recovery Month. The simplicity of this year’s theme—“Speak Up. Reach Out,” demonstrates the community’s continued effort to smash addiction’s stigma. “Hi, I’m an alcoholic. But I still have a family, and love to play, and laugh, and feel valued. I’m no different from you, really.” Statements like these are at the heart of this year’s theme. A shameless addiction community is... Read More

Discouraged about Restoring Relationships in Recovery? One Man’s Hope

Alcohol and drugs consume us to the exclusion of all else. Friendships become strained and broken because of our errant behavior. Professionalism at work disappears. Family ties are sacrificed for our own immediate needs. We come to the point where we have alienated the very people that we love the most. Eventually we find ourselves drinking and using in isolation. What was once a social activity is now one of... Read More

How an Addicted Mother Found Hope in Rehab

“Hi, my name is Katie and I’m an alcoholic and addict. Thank you for inviting me to share my experience, strength and hope. I’m a little nervous—a lot nervous, actually. This is a new experience for me. Here goes nothing… My beginnings I was raised in a fairly affluent family. My Dad was an alcoholic that managed to still function in a high-powered position. This isn’t his story, though. Just... Read More

Counselor Tips: What to Do When Your Loved One Comes Home from Treatment

When I walked into Gayle’s office she greeted me with her usual warm smile that made me feel at home. It didn’t take long before both of us were laughing and comfortable. Gayle has counseled at Duffy’s for four years now. Her wisdom and expertise in family counseling brilliantly comes through in our conversation. I think you’ll find her answers helpful. Q: What can I expect from my loved one... Read More

Collateral Damage: Being the Son of an Alcoholic

As a child we accept most everything around us as normal. We just don’t know or can’t perceive the difference. Mommy and Daddy love us, only sometimes they don’t. Mommy and Daddy make sure we have meals to eat and clean clothes to wear; only sometimes they don’t. Mommy and Daddy praise my art work and my good grades from school, only sometimes they don’t. When I come home from... Read More

How do you know if your loved one needs alcohol or drug detox?

If you’re familiar with the recovery process, you know that detox usually comes first. Most rehab centers include medical detox in their programs, but is it really necessary? Is it possible to safely detox from home? The answer depends on your loved one’s addiction and health history. Detox offers the safest and most comfortable way to clean out the body from alcohol and drugs, but isn’t always necessary for everyone. So, how do you... Read More

Addiction and Motherhood: Sheila Ganz has a Powerful Story to Tell

Addiction is hard—we all know that. But as a mother, going through an addiction means your baby girl or little boy goes through it with you. The documentary On Life’s Terms: Mothers in Recovery tells the gripping stories of five mothers battling addiction while trying to care for their children. Since its premiere in April, the film has been the official selection at three major recovery film festivals including the... Read More

Why the Family Is Key in Addiction Prevention

Substance dependence and other addictions are influenced by many factors including genetics, environment and personal character, but the family plays a key role in shaping the development of children. Because children often take on the habits of their parents, family dynamics are very important. Healthy parenting is one of the most powerful factors in preventing substance abuse and addiction. The family provides several crucial elements necessary for the development and... Read More

The best way to support your loved one in rehab and why it’s so important

So your family member or friend finally went to rehab. With all the events leading up to this point and all the effort you’ve made to help them get here, the big day may seem anticlimactic. You may be relieved or apprehensive. You may feel hope, or you may be waiting for the other shoe to drop. Or you may just want to sleep for the next 28 to 30... Read More

8 Lies that Keep People from Getting Help for Their Addiction

Have you ever considered rehab, but then thought “No way?” If so, you’re not alone. While rehab isn’t the right solution for everyone, many have rejected the idea of rehab due to preconceptions that are completely false. To truly know whether rehab is right for you or a loved one, you need to separate fact from fiction. Many have ruled out rehab as an option because of one or more... Read More