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How to Prevent Addiction Relapse

You just finished up your treatment program. Your body is 100% drug/alcohol-free, and you feel ready to return home to start a new life of sobriety. You’re a little nervous, but excited, and ready to restore relationships, return to work, and sit around the dinner table with your family again. What you may not realize, though, is that you’re entering into the most challenging phase of your recovery journey. Think... Read More

Is Outpatient Treatment Right for Me?

You’re a busy person—most of us are. You have a job, a family, a pet, a house to keep up with, and a long list of unchecked boxes on your bucket list. In short, you might not be able to take 30 or 60 days off from these responsibilities and pursuits to attend an inpatient rehabilitation program. If you’re in this boat, and you’re looking for addiction recovery help, outpatient... Read More

What Is the Cost of Addiction?

Addiction comes at a price. There’s no debate about it. But how much of a price? Addiction is really good at not telling us just how costly it really is. Addiction is costly in multiple areas: Financial People who may have a difficult time paying rent or buying groceries somehow find money to buy drugs. The true cost is variable and it often creeps into a person’s finances without notice.... Read More

What I Learned about Listening from AA

“Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating.” –Charlie Kaufman We communicate in many ways. We use touch to say unspoken words. Our eyes are the “windows to the world” and our bodies turn and gesture in an intricate dance of conveyance. Addiction found me sorely wrapped up in myself and my conversation topics followed suit—I talked about me! “I need, I want, give me,” seemed to be all that was on my... Read More

Dealing with Pain in Recovery

Obstacles can unexpectedly pop up during sobriety. But having the first three steps in place can give us the knowledge and the wherewithal to cope. Here they are for reference: Step 1: We admitted we were powerless over alcohol – that our lives had become unmanageable. Step 2: Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. Step 3: Made a decision to turn our... Read More

What’s the Difference Between Public and Private Rehab?

If you’re reeling from the effects of addiction, it’s important to know that there’s help available. In fact, there are many different kinds of help to choose from. Some choose to get plugged into the A.A. program and get sober by attending meetings. For those who have been in their addiction for quite a while, residential care is the chosen route—and rightfully so. Addiction is a chronic disease and while... Read More

Dating and Recovery: When Should I Get Back in the Game?

I recently got to sit down with Lia, a counselor at Duffy’s and talk about the ups and downs of dating in early recovery. There are so many opinions out there when it comes to romantic relationships in the program and her wise insight cut through all the clutter and confusion providing practical tips relevant to anyone wondering about the reality of dating in recovery. Q: Lia, is it dangerous to... Read More

12 Timeless Quotes from the book 12 Stupid Things that Mess Up Recovery

I recently finished re-reading 12 Stupid Things that Mess Up Recovery by Allen Berger, a recovery classic for people in early recovery. I almost forgot what a great book it was. Allen Berger condenses twelve common pitfalls that can mess up recovery and teaches us how to avoid them with the clarity and wisdom of a man with decades of both personal and professional experience. Short, easy-to-read, and enjoyable, this... Read More

11 Ways to Kill an Addiction before it Kills You

Addiction is a condition, a disease of the brain in which one becomes dependent on a substance or activity. In the world today, the most common addictions we find are that of drugs and alcohol. Governments around the world have invested billions in the rehabilitation and control of the use of these substances, but the problem of addiction still affects millions each year. While addiction can lead to many different... Read More

Spring Cleaning Your Recovery

Well spring is here once again and it’s time to do some spring cleaning. Admittedly, this isn’t intended to be a Martha Stewart style guide to a clean house, but rather some tips for internal spring cleaning—a little refreshing of the soul. We all know that addiction doesn’t magically vanish in a matter of days. True sobriety requires a lifestyle of recovery and a daily commitment to personal growth. Here... Read More

The 10 Most Inspirational Jamie Lee Curtis Quotes on Recovery

Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the most inspirational and beloved faces among our recovery community. When other celebrities guild headlines with stories of relapse and rehab, Jamie Lee Curtis’ bold advocacy and successful career is a testament to the power of recovery. Recovery Insight Jamie has spoken and written about addiction and recovery on numerous occasions, and most of her best insights on the subject can be found in... Read More

How Do I Get Coverage through the Marketplace that Pays for Rehab

We’re only a few days away from the March 31 insurance marketplace open-enrollment deadline. And if you’re doing some last-minute shopping on Covered California and want substance abuse treatment, you might be asking: Q: What insurance plan should I sign up for through the marketplace to get coverage for treatment at Duffy’s? A: Any PPO plan or Anthem Blue Cross plan Explanation Some treatment centers do not accept insurance, others... Read More

Untying the knot? How to fight addiction as a couple

If you place a magnet on a table and push another magnet toward it, they will repel each other or “snap” together. People are like this—coming together by the nebulous forces of love and friendship or “repelling” each other due to disagreements or unforgiveness. The ultimate “snap-together” relationships are the ones sealed by holy matrimony. Married couples promise lives of commitment and unconditional love. But often, it seems, that many... Read More

6 Alcohol and Drug Resources Teens Actually Want to Read

“Just Say No” is so last century. Plus, it didn’t work for everyone. To make an impact on our teens, we must use engaging resources that tell the facts about drugs without sounding manipulative or judgmental. Most importantly, these resources must be useful and enjoyable enough that teens will return to these sites and eventually share them with their friends. National Drug Facts Week January 27th starts the kickoff of... Read More

An Interview with Lisa Frederiksen: How to Cope with an Addicted Family Member

Lisa Frederiksen is the owner and brains behind—a website and blog that exists to help end the stigma, misinformation and shame so often surrounding addiction. Lisa also conducts presentations, workshops and training programs at schools, businesses and rehab facilities across the country. We were able to pull Lisa way from her busy schedule and drill her with important questions surrounding addiction and recovery. I don’t think I’ve ever talked... Read More