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5 Books Every Addict’s Family Should Read

Making it through a loved one’s addiction can be very challenging. Exploring the stories and opinions of others can help and encourage you through this period of your life. Below you will find a list of five of our favorite recovery books for families. For each book we’ve included Some of our favorite quotes Kindle and print prices Page length A quick reason why you should read it #1 In... Read More

From the Bottle to the Big Book: Michael Shares his Recovery Story

I was in the Navy for four years and then began my bachelor’s degree in drinking. I say that because my real education came from an old bartender. He began teaching me his trade having been in that business for over 40 years. I was one of the best students. I worked high volume bars and I worked hard. At 22 years old I was making nearly $6,000 per month, sometimes... Read More

6 Alcohol and Drug Resources Teens Actually Want to Read

“Just Say No” is so last century. Plus, it didn’t work for everyone. To make an impact on our teens, we must use engaging resources that tell the facts about drugs without sounding manipulative or judgmental. Most importantly, these resources must be useful and enjoyable enough that teens will return to these sites and eventually share them with their friends. National Drug Facts Week January 27th starts the kickoff of... Read More

Stephen King’s Story: Why Recovery is Worth Your Career

“Only a lunatic—a masochistic lunatic—would make booze a regular part of his life.” –Stephen King One of the most common reasons for refusing treatment is work responsibilities. For many, going to treatment is a sacrifice that is too great, too humiliating or too scary. But for Stephen King, sobriety was more important than everything else, even his writing career, because it was the only way he could keep his life.... Read More

Book Review: Love First

Love First is a comprehensive book on intervention. The book extends far beyond a mere outline of the intervention process and provides more than a cursory explanation of addiction. In addition to covering typical issues and problems associated with the intervention process, the authors include a section of tools and resources. Between the detailed explanations, insightful advice, clear outlines, and a pinch of humor, Love First will be a key resource... Read More

Book Review: Intervention

Is someone you know struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction? Are you looking for a good resource on intervention? This short book of just over 100 pages, Intervention–How to Help Someone Who Doesn’t Want Help, can help you understand the disease of addiction and learn how it’s affecting your loved one. Direct, clear and concise, Dr. Johnson also provides advice and instruction on how to conduct an intervention—and how... Read More