5 Alcohol and Drug Resources Teens Actually Want to Read

“Just Say No” is so last century.

Plus, it didn’t work for everyone. To make an impact on our teens, we must use engaging resources that tell the facts about drugs without sounding manipulative or judgmental. Most importantly, these resources must be useful and enjoyable enough that teens will return to these sites and eventually share them with their friends.

National Drug Facts Week

January 27th starts the kickoff of National Drug Facts Week, a health observance week for teens that aims to counteract the myths about drugs with factual answers from scientific experts.

In honor of this week, we have compiled a list of eight unique and educational websites about drugs—in a way that teens might like enough to visit more than once.

1. Above the Influence?

With thousands of YouTube subscribers and over one million followers on Facebook, AbovetheInfluence.com has built a strong community of teens dedicated to living above the influence of negative peer pressure. Created for the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, this site blends education about drugs with inspiration for staying true to who you are.

2. Mouse Party?

With adobe flash, some great music, a handful of mice, the awesome geeks behind the University of Utah’s Learning Center have animated the molecular mechanism of drugs on the reward pathway, thereby transforming a complex subject into concise, easy to follow explanations. It’s fun, creative and valuable educational content—something teens will definitely want to share with their friends. Plus, there’s something about grabbing virtual lab rats and analyzing their brains that satisfies the geek in all of us.

3. Addiction Blog?

Although not specifically designed for teens, addictionblog.org is the ideal resource for curious teens who are looking for reliable answers to commonly asked questions about drugs and addiction. (For example: How much Marijuana does it take to OD?) Created by a network of addiction industry leaders, this website covers a variety of subjects ranging from addiction treatment to family support and is the go-to reference for both teens and parents alike.

4.  NIDA for Teens?

Even without dancing mice or slick animations, the National Institute on Drug Abuse is one of the leading sites of drug information and the latest scientific research.  Host of the National Drug Facts Week, NIDA includes hundreds of addiction and recovery related articles, including downloadable resources, links to other resources, and even a simplified version of their site for younger teens.

5. Ask Frank?

TalktoFrank.com is an independent government funded website based in the UK. Although the focus of the website is providing teens with “friendly, confidential drug advice”, the website also has an impressive drug glossary, a forum of stories written by other teenagers, and other interactive resources—an altogether helpful website, no matter which side of the ocean you live on.