Book Review: Love First

Love First is a comprehensive book on intervention. The book extends far beyond a mere outline of the intervention process and provides more than a cursory explanation of addiction. In addition to covering typical issues and problems associated with the intervention process, the authors include a section of tools and resources. Between the detailed explanations, insightful advice, clear outlines, and a pinch of humor, Love First will be a key resource for those seeking help about the intervention proces.

Book Details

  • TitleLove First: A Family’s Guide to Intervention (2nd Ed.)
  • Author: Jeff and Debra Jay
  • Copyright: Hazelden, Minnesota  2008
  • Price: Can usually be found for less than $10 on Amazon

What’s In the Book?

Jeff and Debra Jay have combined their passion, wisdom, and experience into a master guide that is organized into six sections:

  • Insights into Alcoholism and other drug addictions
  • Understanding Family Responses
  • Preparing for an Intervention
  • The Intervention
  • After the Intervention
  • Tool and Resources

Highlights of the content include chapters about

  • What does it take to get an alcoholic or addict to accept help?
  • Eleven misconceptions about chemical dependency
  • Enabling
  • Building a Team
  • Involving the Workplace
  • Letters Written for Real Interventions
  • Sample scenarios
  • Listing Possible Objections
  • Intervening on an Adolescent
  • Understanding what goes on during treatment
  • Preparing for the possibility of relapse
  • Self Quizzes: Is a family member chemically dependent?

And much, much more.

Who Are the Authors?

Jeff and Debra Jay are nationally recognized leaders in intervention. A clinical interventionist and a former addict himself, Jeff has been helping both addicts and addicted families since 1986. His work has appeared on CNN, PBS, USA Today, and professional journals.

Debra Jay is a seasoned interventionist, noted author, and nationally recognized public speaker. She is a guest lecturer on substance abuse at Wayne State University and has appeared frequently on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Other books by Jeff and Debra Jay include

  • At Wit’s End: What You Need to Know When a Loved One is Diagnosed with Addiction and Mental Illness
  • No More Letting Go: The Spirituality of Taking Action Against Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
  • Aging and Addiction