Our Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Programs

Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab is a residential treatment program that is designed to provide life-changing services to men and women who have been struggling with substance abuse and addiction. At Duffy’s, individuals whose lives have been disrupted by chemical dependency can become empowered to break the bonds of addiction and experience the hope and promise of a healthy, drug-free future.

Treatment Programs at Duffy's Napa Valley Rehab in Northern California

When an individual chooses to heal at Duffy’s, they will benefit from a comprehensive, multidisciplinary program of education, physical nurturing, structured discipline, and the development of the living skills that are necessary to achieve a life of lasting sobriety.

Duffy’s does not accept guests who have a primary mental health diagnosis. However, we are able to provide dual diagnosis services to individuals who are experiencing certain co-occurring mental health disorders in addition to a primary substance use disorder, as long as these individuals are stable. To learn more about dual diagnosis treatment at Duffy’s, please contact us at your convenience.

Throughout a guest’s time at Duffy’s they will work in close collaboration with a team of talented professionals who bring significant training and a wealth of experience to the treatment process. The majority of the individuals who work at Duffy’s either have masters degrees or an equivalent level of education, and almost all staff members are also in recovery themselves. This combination of clinical training and personal insights into substance abuse, chemical dependency, and recovery is one of the leading reasons why Duffy’s has developed a national reputation for excellence throughout more than 50 years of helping individuals overcome addiction.

At Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab, each guest follows a personalized treatment plan that has been specially designed according to their specific strengths, needs, and treatment goals.

Detox at Duffy's Napa Valley Rehab in Northern California

If a person has been incapable of ridding his or her body of substances of abuse prior to arriving on our northern California campus, he or she may detox with us prior to fully engaging in the therapeutic services that will support his or her continued recovery. In detox, guests can withdraw from alcohol, opiate-based prescription painkillers, methamphetamine, and other drugs in a safe and comfortable environment that features round-the-clock supervision provided by experienced professionals. Once a person has completed detox, he or she can transfer directly into one of our structured treatment programs. This seamless transition ensures continuity of care and eliminates the risk of immediate relapse.

Foundational Program

As its name implies, this level of care is designed to provide our guests with the services and support that they need in order to establish a solid foundation upon which to build a healthier life and achieve long-term recovery. Among its many benefits, the Foundation Program features an ideal amount of time to heal in a nurturing and supportive environment without taking too much time away from a guest’s academic, occupational, and family responsibilities. A guest’s schedule during the Foundational Program may include a balanced mix of learning sessions, discussions, and counseling, complemented by time to relax, exercise, make new friends, eat, and sleep.

Services provided during the Foundational Program may include limited medication management services, individual, group, and family therapies, and a variety of experiential therapies, including art therapy, meditation, yoga, music therapy, trust-building exercises, and related activities. Maximum length of stay in the Foundational Program is 30 days, though each guest’s specific time in the program will be determined by his or her needs and progress.

Extensive Relapse Prevention Program

To provide optimal support to guests who can benefit from a longer time in treatment, Duffy’s is proud to provide the Extended Relapse Prevention Program. This program consists of 60 to 90 days of intensive treatment services, which include, but are not limited to, medication management, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and a variety of experiential therapeutic opportunities. As is also the case with all other levels of treatment at Duffy’s, care in the Extensive Relapse Prevention Program is a highly personalized experience, with significant effort devoted to helping each guest identify and achieve his or her specific treatment objectives.

Guests who participate in this program may significantly improve their ability to achieve and maintain long-term recovery. Considerable independent research has documented an association between longer stays in treatment and improved success rates for remaining sober after an individual has completed treatment.

Relapse Restart Program

At the other end of the time-in-treatment spectrum from the extended program, the Relapse Restart Program is a short-term program that is specifically designed to provide essential reinforcement services to individuals who have previously completed treatment but who may have relapsed or are otherwise struggling to maintain their recovery.

With variable length of stay of less than 30 days, the Relapse Restart Program provides individuals with an essential opportunity to reconnect with the principles of recovery and to participate in individual, group, and experiential therapies that can help them to process setbacks, address struggles that they have experienced, renew their commitment to long-term sobriety, and hone the skills and strategies that will support this effort.

Continuing Care

At Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab, we are well aware of the fact that treatment is just one step along the path of lifelong recovery. In order to provide our guests with the long-term support that can make the difference between success and relapse, we are proud to provide the services of the Full Circle Recovery program to all guests who complete treatment with us.

Guests who qualify for participation in the Full Circle program will receive three months of post-discharge support, including 12 one-on-one sessions with a counselor, connection with a 12-Step support group, random urinalysis, and referrals to sober living environments or other resources as necessary. As is the case with all services provided through Duffy’s, the continuing care support of Fully Circle Recovery program can be customized in order to best meet the needs of each guest.

To learn more about any aspect of treatment or continuing care at Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We look forward to answering any questions that you may have and helping you make the most informed decision for yourself or on behalf of a loved one.

Questions About Duffy's Approach

Is It a Disease or Me?

At Duffy’s we recognize that your addiction has become a disease in your life and needs to be treated. Therefore, we embrace the medical model that addiction is a disease, and we use the social model—which includes education, counseling, and peer support—to treat it.

Do You Use the 12 Step Program?

Yes. The 12 step program, the Big Book, and the philosophies of Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) as well as Narcotics Anonymous (N.A.) are foundational pieces to our education curriculum and treatment program. If you take the foundational program, you will complete the first three steps; if you take the extended care program, you will complete steps four through seven. You will also receive a detailed workbook and handouts for the education sessions.

Is Duffy’s Treatment Just a Bunch of Peer-Led Meetings?

No. Peer meetings can be an excellent resource and learning opportunity for you, but Duffy’s also has a detailed and structured educational curriculum. This means that while you will have some peer meetings, most of your sessions will be educational classes or workshops taught by credentialed and qualified counselors.

I’m a Horrible Person, Right?

No. We don’t want you to leave treatment so depressed you go into relapse, so we intentionally create balance in our educational program. We want you to be able to explore, discover, and re-discover what your good assets, traits, and talents are—and you do have them! Treatment is not about learning what a bad person you are—it’s about recognizing that you have both a problem and wonderful traits which have been eclipsed by that problem.

Will I Have a Personal Counselor?

Yes. Every guest at Duffy’s will be assigned to and meet with a personal counselor, typically within the first 48 hours of your stay. We find that guests quickly connect with and value their counselor and their weekly private counseling sessions together. In addition to your private counselor, at least one counselor is on call at all times to assist in any crisis situations.

Why Did I Start to Drink or Use?

Good question—and getting answers to this question is a key part of your recovery. The problem is not really the alcohol or the drugs. The problem is that the alcohol and drugs have become the solution to other problems—perhaps underlying issues such as depression or insecurity. What we need to do is to help you change your behavior around these issues and learn new life skills. One way we help you discover these underlying issues is through your 1-on-1 counseling sessions. You and your counselor can begin to build a relationship and learn what might be the underlying reason for your drinking or using.

If I Stay for the Extended Care Program, Do I Get the Same Information?

No. We’ve designed our extended care’s curriculum to build on our regular curriculum—not just to repeat the same information. Although repetition is always good for learning, we also want to give you new tools for recovery, new workshops and new opportunities for personal growth.

Will I have Support Once I Leave?

Of course! No one who just completed surgery is left on his or her own, and at Duffy’s we don’t leave you on your own either. When you come to Duffy’s, you’re joining our family, and as family, we want to be your partner for achieving long-term sobriety.After completing our 30, 60 or 90 day programs, you’ll receive 90 days of intensive weekly sober support at no additional cost. You’ll also receive a year of free follow-up meetings. We encourage you to return for a Sobriety Weekend and our open meetings.Plan to take advantage of these important elements for your recovery. In addition, counselors will also work with you to help you transition back into your life, family, job, and living situation after rehab.

Do You Provide Any Training or Meetings for my Family?

Yes. Gene Duffy, the founder of Duffy’s, used to say that “Duffy’s is a family solution for a family problem.” Your families, if you wish, can be a key part of your education and recovery. Families can enjoy their own group sessions and meetings. And they are encouraged to visit you during rehab if you want them to. Family members can also participate in your weekly sober support meetings. Our goal is help you overcome this addiction, so you can enjoy a happy and fulfilled life with your loved ones.

Will it Work?

In some ways, that answer is up to you. When you complete a program at Duffy’s, you will be clean and sober and will have the tools and strategies to live life without drinking and using. Every year, we have thousands of people who successfully reach another milestone on their recovery journey. And every year, we have people relapse. What we do know is that you will probably relapse if you choose to float through rehab. The best advice we can give you is come to rehab eager to learn and embrace a new way of life.

Trusted by 38,000 families since 1967.

On July 26th, 2013, I entered Duffy’s after detoxing. Thanks to the good foundation I got here, I am still sober! I hope the first Monday’s activities are checking out what meetings you will go to after you leave Duffy’s. I am still going to the ones I wrote down 5 years ago. Thanks for being there for folks like me who could not stop drinking.

– A former guest
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