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How do you know if your loved one needs alcohol or drug detox?

If you’re familiar with the recovery process, you know that detox usually comes first. Most rehab centers include medical detox in their programs, but is it really necessary? Is it possible to safely detox from home? The answer depends on your loved one’s addiction and health history. Detox offers the safest and most comfortable way to clean out the body from alcohol and drugs, but isn’t always necessary for everyone. So, how do you... Read More

Why the Family Is Key in Addiction Prevention

Substance dependence and other addictions are influenced by many factors including genetics, environment and personal character, but the family plays a key role in shaping the development of children. Because children often take on the habits of their parents, family dynamics are very important. Healthy parenting is one of the most powerful factors in preventing substance abuse and addiction. The family provides several crucial elements necessary for the development and... Read More

8 Lies that Keep People from Getting Help for Their Addiction

Have you ever considered rehab, but then thought “No way?” If so, you’re not alone. While rehab isn’t the right solution for everyone, many have rejected the idea of rehab due to preconceptions that are completely false. To truly know whether rehab is right for you or a loved one, you need to separate fact from fiction. Many have ruled out rehab as an option because of one or more... Read More

An Interview with Lisa Frederiksen: How to Cope with an Addicted Family Member

Lisa Frederiksen is the owner and brains behind—a website and blog that exists to help end the stigma, misinformation and shame so often surrounding addiction. Lisa also conducts presentations, workshops and training programs at schools, businesses and rehab facilities across the country. We were able to pull Lisa way from her busy schedule and drill her with important questions surrounding addiction and recovery. I don’t think I’ve ever talked... Read More

You Know There’s a Problem, But What Can a Family Member Do?

“If you loved me, you’d stop!” How many times have you said, pleaded or screamed these words at your husband, brother or daughter after a particularly nasty bout of drinking? How many times has your wife, sister or son promised to stop or cut down…drink no more than two a day…smoke pot only on the week-ends? How many times has your heart been broken when this time turned out to... Read More

Why do you need a professional interventionist?

It’s a little different than the TV Show We’ve all seen the shows on TV. They spend all of their time following an addict in the middle of their addiction and an incredibly short amount of time on what they are going to do to help them. The process of an actual intervention is very short, lasting about an hour and you have your answer. But on TV, we don’t see the... Read More

Getting them to Treatment Part 2: Leverage during an intervention

In Part 1 of How to influence an addict to enter treatment, we talked about how to detach ourselves form the problem to become part of the solution. Here, we talk about how you can use your relationship with the addict as leverage during an intervention. If you realize that you’ve been enabling your loved one, then you need to use this intervention as a key time to make a... Read More

Getting them to Treatment Part 1: Detachment instead of Enabling

When you love someone who is struggling, you want to do anything you can to wipe the hurt away. However, we often enable a loved one’s destructive behavior without realizing it because we think we’re helping them. Enabling is facilitating the progression of a problem by protecting others from the consequences of their own actions. That means that by paying the bills, making excuses or shouldering responsibilities—all which seem loving... Read More

How to Love an Addict: Five Steps Toward Genuine Love

“I can’t stand back and watch them throw their life away, but I can’t make them change. I want to love them, but I don’t even know how right now. Is there anything I can do?” Loving the unloveable It’s not that your loved one is a completely unlovable person. But let’s face it, they are doing things that make it really hard to love them right now—they’re acting irresponsibly,... Read More

How to Help Your Loved One After Rehab

Bringing your loved one home after rehab is a bit like bringing home your newborn baby from the hospital—you’re making sure the room is just right, you’re getting congratulations from friends, and you’re preparing for a completely different schedule. Here are some steps you should take to help your loved one integrat back into life without substance abuse: Develop an Exit Plan With the Counselor and Your Loved One At... Read More

Why Should Family and Friends Attend Al-Anon?

Our founder Gene Duffy consistently used to say that “Duffy’s was a family business for a family problem.”  And he’s right: the disease of addiction doesn’t just affect the addict, but all those in contact with him. Addiction can change the lives of everyone—hurting those who are closest to the addict and leaving them bewildered with feelings of guilt, confusion, frustration, despair, and hopelessness. This is where family support groups,... Read More

How to Support your Loved Ones While They’re in Rehab

Just getting your loved one to rehab doesn’t necessarily guarantee lifelong recovery. You still need to support your loved one in recovery and when she returns home. It is true that the most difficult part of working with your loved one might be over, but supporting them while they discover and re-discover themselves in rehab and then integrate themselves back into a joyful living situation will not be easy either.... Read More

Recovery: The Best Gift for Mom

She’s on call virtually all day, every day. She does the impossible. She’s the real superhero. And she goes by “Mom.” In celebrating Mother’s day, we often show our appreciation and love through an emotional card, beautiful flowers, and a phone call. We thank her for giving us life, for caring for us—changing endless diapers, bandaging our cuts—and for being the one person who never stopped worrying about us. But,... Read More

Should I Pressure My Loved One Into Rehab?

Question: Should I pressure someone struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction into rehab? Do people who are forced into treatment get anything out of it? Answer: Yes, and yes. People who are not initially willing or ready to go into treatment have the same chance of recovery as those who come voluntarily to treatment. For years, conventional wisdom has stated otherwise: that treatment will work only for those who... Read More

FREE Intervention Guide: How to Help Your Loved One

“Can I help?” If you have a friend or family member who’s struggling with addiction, you desperately want to find them help. But how can you help someone who doesn’t want it? They may even think that everything’s just fine and that alcohol or drugs are not causing a problem. How do you break past the walls of denial? Can you even help them if they don’t want to listen? Approaching someone... Read More