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How to Support your Loved Ones While They’re in Rehab

Just getting your loved one to rehab doesn’t necessarily guarantee lifelong recovery. You still need to support your loved one in recovery and when she returns home. It is true that the most difficult part of working with your loved one might be over, but supporting them while they discover and re-discover themselves in rehab … Read More

Family and Friends Aid in Prescription Drug Abuse

In most households across America, stuff filling the kitchen cabinet is free for the taking. This homey, “up-for-the-grabs” mentality is seeping into the fabric of our drug culture—especially in the arena of painkillers and other prescription drugs. More than 70% of people experimenting with painkillers receive the drug from a friend or family member according to … Read More

NBA Star Experiences Lasting Recovery After Long-Term Rehab

Former NBA star and stand-out Fresno State point guard Chris Herren talks about his drug addiction and recovery. “Truth is, I should be dead,” he says in the interview with CNN. “[I am alive] by the grace of God, 12 steps, and my recovery program. If it wasn’t for people extending their hand and offering me treatment … Read More