NBA Star Experiences Lasting Recovery After Long-Term Rehab

Former NBA star and stand-out Fresno State point guard Chris Herren talks about his drug addiction and recovery.

“Truth is, I should be dead,” he says in the interview with CNN.

“[I am alive] by the grace of God, 12 steps, and my recovery program. If it wasn’t for people extending their hand and offering me treatment and staying in treatment, I probably wouldn’t be here today.”

12 Years of Escalating Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drugs followed Chris from Fresno into the NBA where he played for the Denver Nuggets and later the Boston Celtics. And he admits that throughout his career, “I couldn’t play without that [heroin] in my system.”

On June 4th 2008, after 12 years of escalating drug and alcohol abuse, he was discovered unconscious sitting in the driver’s seat of his car with a heroin needle hanging from his arm. Chris was lifeless for 30 seconds, before the paramedics revived him.

Looking back on the terrifying day, Chris says, “back then it was the worst day, but I look back today as it being one of the best days.”

Long-term Rehab Finally Works

After his episode with death, Chris entered a rehab center. And 10 days later his third child was born.

Against the will of his counselors, he went home.

“I went home 30 days sober, and I was not emotionally ready and relapsed immediately.”

When you’ve been addicted for years, you can’t treat the problem  in 10 days. Within hours of his homecoming Chris was drinking, and he returned to the rehab center the next day — drunk.

Nearly nine months later, Chris achieved sobriety and returned home to restore his life.

“I was given the gift of treatment and treatment works,” he says.

One Day At a Time

What was once a daily struggle, is now the tool Chris uses to inspire thousands: the redemptive story of a phenom.

But addiction sticks with you for the  rest of your life, “One day at a time,” he says. It’s a daily battle, but definitely a winnable one.

What About You?

Alcohol and drug addiction can affect anyone–not just celebrity basketball players. Are you in need of longterm rehab? If nothing else has worked, consider enrolling in a 90-day or longer program today and start to see your life changed.