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Can LSD Treat Alcoholism?

Innovative psychiatry studies performed between 1966 and 1970 suggested careful LSD use could be a unique way to help alcoholics sober up. According to the findings, one dose of the powerful drug could help alcoholics give up their drinking obsession for as long as six months. The counter-intuitive method recommended 40 years ago by Krebs … Read More

Zohydro: Why Freak Out?

If you’ve been listening to the news last Christmas, you’ve probably heard about Zohydro–the new proposed painkiller coming to market soon. And later this year, you might be hearing a lot more about it. Zohydro has sent little ripples of shock through addiction experts and those who care about the rise of prescription addiction. So … Read More

Can Tanning Affect Your Brain: Understanding Your Tanning Addiction

Tanning Salon Regulars Beware: that lovely blue light darkening your skin to a perfect bronze complexion may be changing your brain in the process. Scientist recently shed light on the effects of UV radiation on the brain. Their findings suspect that frequent exposure to UV light holds potential for addiction. “Tanning addiction” has recently been shown … Read More

A Risky Side Effect: Ambien and Lunesta Sleeping Pill Use Increases Your Death Risk Fourfold

Are you taking sleeping pills (like Ambien, Lunesta, Rozerem, Sonata, Silenor, Halcion, Restoril)—even as few as 18 in a year? If you are, you have a much higher risk of dying than your friends who don’t take sleeping pills, according to a recent study, published in the British Medical Journal Open. Although several major news … Read More

NBA Star Experiences Lasting Recovery After Long-Term Rehab

Former NBA star and stand-out Fresno State point guard Chris Herren talks about his drug addiction and recovery. “Truth is, I should be dead,” he says in the interview with CNN. “[I am alive] by the grace of God, 12 steps, and my recovery program. If it wasn’t for people extending their hand and offering me treatment … Read More