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International Overdose Awareness Day

Overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, even exceeding the number of fatalities in road traffic accidents according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. With stats like that, overdose is obviously a major problem, but one that isn’t often addressed. International Overdose Awareness Day, held on August 31, calls this … Read More

How to Love an Addict: Five Steps Toward Genuine Love

“I can’t stand back and watch them throw their life away, but I can’t make them change. I want to love them, but I don’t even know how right now. Is there anything I can do?” Loving the unloveable It’s not that your loved one is a completely unlovable person. But let’s face it, they are doing things that … Read More

What is Alcohol Poisoning?

Alcohol poisoning occurs when you drink too much alcohol over a short period of time, and your blood alcohol level spikes high enough to impair the areas of the brain that control basic life support functions such as breathing and heart rate. Symptoms of alcohol poisoning The symptoms of alcohol poisoning are usually life-threatening and require immediate medical attention. … Read More