Lindsay Lohan: A Relapse Waiting to Happen?

Lindsay Lohan completed her sixth round in rehab on Tuesday.

Is She Serious This Time?

TMZ reports that “even the skeptics in her life think she’s serious this time.” She’s is staying with a sober coach for a few days–a good start. But then, she’s right back out into the real world.

Not the best idea.

According to addiction experts, the first 90 days after rehab are crucial. A smooth, slow transition from rehab to the world, usually through a sober living environment, is ideal.

“Newly sober people are more fragile than before they became addicts, they are raw, reactionary, insecure, resentful and need to be loved and supported,” says Bob Forrest, a California-based certified drug and alcohol counselor who has appeared on Celebrity Rehab.

The Next 90 Days

So, how will LiLo spend her first 90 days after rehab? US News calls her post-rehab plan “aggressive,” but that’s debatable.

In just a few days, LiLo plans to start promoting her film “The Canyons,” guest host “Chelsea Lately” Monday night, take a vacation in Europe, and return to air an interview with Oprah, as well as start work on an eight-part docu series expected to air on Oprah’s network in 2014. She also plans to move to New York City.

Perhaps her career will keep her too busy to play with drugs and alcohol? She told Piers Morgan in May, “I’m happiest when I’m on a movie set. It’s like therapy for me.”

She also told him that being in New York was helpful. So, living in New York City close to her family may give her some much needed support.

Rehab is just the beginning

She may be serious this time, but so was Cory Monteith.

Cory Monteith’s death is extremely sad, but how much more if no one, especially LiLo, learns from Cory’s struggle with the disease of addiction. He was serious about getting sober, things were looking up, yet tragically that “one more” time was his last.

If only he had stayed in rehab for 90 days, if only he hadn’t gone back to Vancouver so soon, if only he had gone into a sober living home instead, he’d still be with us. —hindsight is 20/20.

It’s too late for Cory, but LiLo has yet another chance. She’s off to a good start by completing 90 days in rehab, but now that she’s out of rehab —she may be a relapse just waiting to happen.

Will She Make It?

The trip to Europe shortly after rehab might not be the best choice for her sobriety, but maybe she’ll prove us all wrong and finally break the cycle of addiction. We can only hope.

Best wishes on your recovery journey, Lindsay!