12 Addiction Stories from 2012

Everybody has a story; life is full of stories. Some stories inspire us, some teach us lessons. Here we have a 12 different people and their stories about addiction and recovery.

1. Dan’s Story

A former Duffy’s guest tells of his skepticism upon first arriving at Duffy’s, his desire to give up, and a counsellor’s love that changed his life.

2. Whitney Houston’s Story

Doubtless you have already heard of the tragedy of one of America’s most beloved celebrities. Whitney’s death reminds us to reflect on truths about addiction, prescription drugs, drug combinations, and not to wait until it’s too late.

3. Chris Herren’s Story

The former NBA star and Fresno State point guard tells an inspiring story of his struggle with addiction, relapse, and how he finally achieved lasting sobriety through long-term rehab.

4. Bill W.’s Story

Bill W may have been the founder of AA, but his story is not different from the stories of other recovery alcoholic. This article features a short video clip of Bill as he voices the feeling that anyone with an addiction can relate to—why he still drinks—and demonstrates the power of addiction.

5. Betty Ford’s Story

Betty’s story tells of her story that starts from staunch denial to the realization that she indeed did have a problem. Her journey against prescription drug and alcohol addiction has led her to help others and start what became known as the Betty Ford Center.


6. Josh Hamilton’s Story

Josh Hamilton is a professional baseball player for the Los Angeles Angeles with a history of addiction and relapse—lots of relapse. With his story in mind, this article explores the science behind relapse and why it happens.

7. & 8. Daniel Radcliffe and Brigadier General Stanley Cherrie’s Story

Daniel Radcliffe tells of his battle against alcoholism, from Harry Potter scenes when he was “dead behind the eyes” to a man who finally experienced the joy of recovery.

Brigadier General Stanley Cherrie has survived many battles, but one of the hardest battle to survive was his battle against alcoholism. Through a friend’s honesty and a rather embarrassing public incident, Cherrie has achieved sobriety and is sharing his story with others.

9. Eva Rausing’s Story

You’d never think that a billionaire socialite would be living with the shackles of addiction. Yet the tragic death of Eva Rausing, the American wife of a UK billionaire and acquaintance of Prince Charles, is another reminder of how addiction can affect anybody.

10. Nadia Lockyer’s Story

The story of Nadia Lockyer, former supervisor of Alameda County, is one packed with drama, failed relationships, and addiction, leading to one of the biggest scandals in California. Through her story, we learn of the debilitating effects of addiction, and how addiction can affect everyone.

11. My Grandfather’s Story

Through a real and personal experience, this story shows the difference between dry and sober and explains how detox just isn’t enough.

12. Melissa Gilbert’s Story

This is the story of how the star of Little House on the Prairie became a leading advocate against alcohol and drugs. From Laura Ingalls to an alcoholic addict to a recovering addict, Melissa Gilbert tells an inspiring story of hope and recovery.