Yearly Archives: 2012

Ecstasy Causes Memory Loss

For years, ecstasy (or MDMA) has commonly been thought of as a “safe” drug because previous studies have indicated a link between MDMA and long-term impaired brain functions, but never conclusively proved the connection. That may be about to change. A new study by psychologist Daniel Wagner at the University of Cologne suggests that ecstasy does, in … Read More

Guest Blog for Duffy’s

A key component to Duffy’s has always been guests sharing their strength, hope, and experience. And now there’s a new way for you to do this–Duffy’s is now paying $100 for each guest blog post on Duffy’s blog. Interested? We are primarily looking for two types of content: Stories of Strength, Hope, and Experience Everyone has a … Read More

What Drug Can I Take to Treat My Addiction?

The use of medications to treat substance abuse has become the new “biggest thing” in addiction treatment today. Have you ever wondered what drugs you can take to treat an opiate addiction? methamphetamine addiction? or alcohol addiction? Sometimes, you even avoid quitting, simply because you don’t want to deal with the negative effects of withdrawal. … Read More