5 Addiction and Recovery Infographics From 2012

What do you get when you combine great information with great design? Great Infographics! We all know that the disease of addiction affects all of us, but sometimes seeing that information in picture format helps us to grasp those concepts more easily. These addiction and recovery infographics cover everything from how much drugs affects the state of California to how to be thankful in recovery.

1. California Drug Abuse Stats & Infographic

Just how prevalent is illegal drug abuse in California? From emergency room visits to the marijuana market to treatment and rehab, this infographic gives you numbers you didn’t think were real.

2. How Much Alcohol is Too Much?

How much alcohol should you drink? Are you drinking more than you think? And what’s a standard drink anyway? This infographic is an easy, practical, and visually appealing guideline to help you determine just how much you’re drinking.

3. Ten Tips to Stay Sober During the Holidays

The holidays is one of the most challenging times of the year for those in recovery: you’re in recovery, but you don’t want to be a recluse and refuse all party invitations. In this infographic, we have compiled ten helpful tips for staying safe and sober during a holiday party.

4. The Truth about Ecstasy

Ecstasy (MDMA) and “party drug” are pretty much synonymous. Teens and young adults rave about it and use it during raves. But is it really as great as it seems or as it feels? In fact, is that pill even actually ecstasy? This infographic compiles useful facts and statistics about ecstasy and its use as it unveils the truth about MDMA.

5. 10 Things I’m Thankful For

Gratitude is at the heart of recovery. For Thanksgiving Day 2011, we created a list of ten things to be thankful for. Each subject on the list is further explained in ten successive blog posts which you can find by scrolling down the page and clicking on the “Next Story.”