5 Outrageous Drunk Stories

Had a little too much last night? Everyone does weird things when they’re drunk. And some of them can be quite embarrassing–perhaps this is why NCADD has declared April as Alcohol Awareness Month.

Here are some of the most outrageous and embarrassing stories that happened as a result of alcohol:

1. Stealing a Penguin

While enjoying an evening at Sea World Australia, three young friends found themselves drunk enough to steal a penguin, swim with dolphins, and wake up the next morning with the stolen penguin, Dirk, in their apartment. Panicked, they set the penguin free into a nearby canal, where local authorities found him dazed, but alright.

The three men pled guilty, were fined, and made multiple public apologies. The magistrate told the men that they were lucky they didn’t stumble into the polar bear enclosure–and to lay off the alcohol.

2. Making Swim Records

Daniel Soderberg, from Virginia Beach, Virginia, was camping one night with his friends in North Carolina on the Shakleford Banks when he had too much to drink. He doesn’t remember much of what happened next, but apparently Soderberg swam a quarter of a mile to the Cape Lookout Lighthouse–in the dark.

Lighthouse keepers found him shivering and returned him to his campsite after being checked for hypothermia. The only other person who has successfully swum the channel was a Marine training for a triathlon.

3. Getting a Free X-Ray

At the airport in Rome, a drunken Norwegian tourist passed out on a luggage belt. X-rays of the man alerted security, but only after he had travelled some 50 meters on the belt with the moving baggage. Most of us are pretty hesitant about the full body scans at the airport, but for this gentleman, it put him to sleep.

I suppose this could be a great way to go where most tourists don’t, but may have some negative health effects if done repeatedly. Not to mention, airport security may not appreciate it. Still holding his beer, the tourist was woken and sent on his way.

4. Thinking You’re a Professional Basketball Player

During the 2012 Lakers vs. Nuggets NBA playoffs game, an unnamed drunk woman got out of her seat and walked right out onto the court. It appeared as if she wanted to play in the game, interrupting the Nuggets attempt on the basket.

Let’s just hope she wasn’t a Nuggets fan. After all the dirty looks from the players, I doubt she’ll be getting any autographs.

5. Driving the Wrong Way Down the Road Dressed as a Teletubby

Red Wings hockey player, Riley Sheahan, was arrested for driving the wrong way down the road and for drinking over the legal limit while wearing a Teletubby suit. Yes, a purple teletubby suit.

The video of Sheahan’s arrest has gone viral on youtube, and much to his embarrassment, he has been referred to as the character he was dressed as – Tinky Winky.

Alcohol—A Serious Problem

It’s easy to forget how dangerous alcohol can be. Although these stories are humorous, we all know far too well the dire consequences of alcohol intoxication.  Most drunk stories we read in the news are of car accidents, sometimes fatal. What often isn’t in the newspapers are all the jobs that are lost, the relationships that are destroyed, and the reputations that are ruined from alcohol intoxication.

How can you know if you or a loved one is addicted to alcohol? or How much alcohol is too much?

Our founder, Gene Duffy, consistently reminded people that alcohol can make you function for hours without knowing what you’re doing (blackouts) or can actually kill you. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol use today, let us help: 707-348-4874.