Book Review: The Betty Ford Center Book of Answers

The Book of Answers is essentially a question and answer book, a compilation of FAQs followed by meaningful, reliable responses. Many of the questions came in the form of edited letters sent to the author, doctor James W. West–letters addressing real scenarios, letters asking for his comments or letters asking for his advice.

The Author

The author, James W. West, M.D. the vice-chairman and a member of the Betty Ford Center Board of Directors, is a man of experience and brilliance and understanding. He provides succinct, straightforward answers compacted with facts, science, and human warmth.

Though some statistics may be slightly outdated, the majority of the answers are timeless as the questions are still relevant today.

What You’ll Learn

The book is organized according to 13 types of questions, including

  • Who is an Alcoholic?
  • What is the Disease?
  • Interventions and Dealing with Loved Ones
  • The Brain
  • The Body
  • Age and Gender
  • Drugs
  • Cross Addictions and Dual Disorders
  • Treatment
  • Prevention
  • Relapse
  • Recovery Wisdom

Who Should Read this Book

The book’s subtitle reads “Help for those struggling with substance abuse–and for the people who love them.” Simply put, if you fall into any of those two categories, this book will be a helpful guide.

Whether you’re an alcoholic wondering how to “sober up” faster, a concerned mother of a son who has been “acting differently,” or a recovering addict searching for advice, the doctor is in, and he can answer your questions.

Or if you’re the type who prefers a collection of thought-out, reliable answers to commonly asked questions at your fingertips–instead of picking your way through the internet–this book is for you.

Where You Can Get This Book

If you think this book would be a good fit for you or a loved one, you can usually find a copy on Amazon for about $5.