California Ecstasy Death Overdose Costs $190,000

Two years ago, 15-year-old Sasha Rodriquez attended a rave party at the Coliseum in Los Angeles for people 16 or older.Later that night, though, Sasha arrived at the hospital in a coma after experiencing seizures and abnormal heart rhythms. And two days after she was admitted, hospital tests still showed no brain activity.

The cause of her death? The head of emergency room physician explained that “the ingestion of Ecstasy [had] caused Sasha to lose oxygen to her brain.”

Sasha’s case led to the arrests of Coliseum executives and a jury indictment, investigating public corruption. And earlier this month, Sasha’s family settled in court for $190,000.

What’s Your Choice?

A sad story–a dramatic story–but a true one. You may think: “I do drugs, and that has never happened to me. I’m careful. I can handle it. The press always blows things out of proportion anyway.”But one of the most common–and quite frankly, the silliest–thing drug users believe is that they can control their addiction. That “nothing-is-going-to-happen-because-it-hasn’t-happened-before” thinking.

But how do you know the future? Even superman doesn’t know the future.

Duffy’s founder, Gene Duffy, once said, “Nobody knows what’s going to happen the next time they drink.”

Drugs Unpredictable Chances

Drugs, and especially street drugs, are unpredictable. And ecstasy is probably the most unpredictable of the unpredictable. It is estimated that only about 27% of ecstasy pills contain ecstasy (meaning that about 65% contain no ecstasy at all). This fact alone should be enough to scream danger to anyone interested in buying.

If you’re thinking rehab costs too much, consider the alternative. Taking ecstasy was Sasha’s decision, and, sadly, she paid the ultimate price.

Every day, you make thousands of choices. And choices have consequences. Make the right choices today.Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice. –