Duffy’s Achieves 3-Year CARF Accreditation

As most of you know, Duffy’s Napa Valley has been in existence since 1967. Since then, Duffy’s has continually focused on advancing their quality of services to best meet the needs of their guests in pursuit of the best possible outcomes. In this effort, Duffy’s began working with the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) in 2014 and achieved their first CARF Accreditation with close to 200 recommendations. We are extremely proud to announce that just last month, as a result of ongoing commitment to quality improvement and conformance with the CARF standards, Duffy’s achieved another 3-year Accreditation, this time with only 13 recommendations.

Founded in 1966, CARF International is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services. The CARF International group of companies currently accredits more than 50,000 programs and services at 25,000 locations. More than 10 million persons of all ages are served annually by 7,000 CARF-accredited service providers and Duffy’s is very proud to have their golden stamp of approval.”

Below is the actual CARF Survey Summary recognizing Duffy’s Napa Valley strengths (recent 3-year accreditation report):

• Duffy’s Napa Valley is located on 23 acres in a historic, unique, and beautiful setting. The grounds and facilities are well maintained, reflecting a clear priority for providing a serene and peaceful place for recovery.

• The leadership team is a strong group of highly trained and experienced professionals, who practice servant leadership as a philosophy, and it is evident in their day-to-day business practices. The leadership team is highly involved in the service delivery systems.

• The organization has experienced a change in ownership, and the transition was effectively implemented. The organization has welcomed the changes that come with new ownership, while still keeping the historical service philosophy that has driven the organization for nearly 50 years. The organization appears enhanced by the resources provided by new ownership.

• The organization is complimented for its long history of providing outstanding services. It has served over 37,000 guests while maintaining a strong commitment to its service philosophy and the recovery community.

• The staff promotes an environment of acceptance, support, and openness among the guests. There is a high level of engagement between the staff and guests.

• Guests feel well accommodated, and they report high levels of satisfaction with their meals and surroundings.

• The organization utilizes an extensive quality management system across all programs and services. The system allows for data collection that can be analyzed to promote overall performance improvement of its services and business practices to meet the needs of the guests.

• Guests feel very comfortable, and they report feeling a sense of being welcomed and accepted with no judgment.