Duffy’s Partners with Kristina Wandzilak’s Full Circle Team

At Duffy’s, we’re committed to the long-term success of our guests.

Every day, we watch people leave our campus transformed, inspired, and ready to live the changed life they learned how to live during treatment. But, we’ve all heard the stories of people leaving treatment only to relapse within just days or weeks of leaving treatment.

People need support—not only during treatment, but also when they return home. The transitional phase of leaving treatment and adjusting to real life again is often the most crucial phase in the recovery process.

We want to do all that we can to prevent relapse and to give you the support you need as you step down into real life.


We’re excited to partner with the leading experts in sober support: Full Circle Addiction and Recovery Services.

Started and run by nationally recognized interventionist and author, Kristina Wandzilak, and co-founder, Anthony Serchia, the Full Circle team is known for developing the most thorough and successful aftercare programs for both the family and addicted individual.

Full Circle’s sober support is now a part of the treatment process at Duffy’s.

Our 30, 60, and 90 day programs each have ninety days of weekly one-on-one sobriety support meetings after you leave Duffy’s at no additional cost. This also includes random drug testing throughout the three month period to help provide accountability. These weekly meetings may consist of not only the person in recovery, but also their family members.


When you recover at Duffy’s, you’re not just staying here for 30 days, you’re joining a family who cares about you.

We’ve always given our guests the tools for achieving long-lasting sobriety, and we’re confident that Kristina Wandzilak and Anthony Serchia’s Full Circle team will provide the added stability and support you need for the beginning of your recovery journey.