Ecstasy Isn’t Always 100 Percent Ecstasy

Long popular at raves in Northern California, the use of ecstasy, has become more mainstream in the last decade as a younger generation turns to these illegal substances to help them party harder and give them release from the pressures they face. But how safe is the pill really?

To help you understand ecstasy better, we’ve prepared a quick infographic about ecstasy—how prevalent it is and how popular it is becoming.

In 2009, over 1 million Americans used ecstasy for the first time–perhaps because they are under the false perception that it is a relatively “safe” drug. But ecstasy can be an extremely dangerous drug. One of the reasons it is so dangerous is that over 65% of pills sold as MDMA actually contain no MDMA at all. So what you think you’re getting as ecstasy might not actually be ecstasy at all. Often what is sold as ecstasy is actually a mix of any number of drugs including meth, PCP, cocaine GHB or just Ibuprofen or caffeine.

Because of this uncertainty as to the actual contents of ecstasy pills, Dr. Grop, a director of psychiatry at the UCLA Medical Center says, “When somebody tells me they’ve taken Ecstasy these days, I have no idea what they’ve taken.”


It is not difficult to become addicted to ecstasy. And so often, you need some help to get over this addiction. At Duffy’s we understand how important it is to begin to understand the underlying causes of an addiction and equip you with the tools you need to live a sober and happy life, free of a dependency on ecstasy. Do not hesitate to call us—we have trained counselors ready to help who will respect your privacy and help you find the right solution.