From the Guestbook: A Smile Changes My Life

Duffy’s is a family business for a family issue. And the stories prove it.

Periodically, we like to share these stories with you on our blog. Today’s story comes from a Dec 19th entry in our online guestbook:
“In Jan of 1992, I had been at Duffy’s about 9-10 days and had convinced myself that all this “one day at a time” bull was not for me and was ready to leave and continue the insanity. At my afternoon group session I didn’t have anything to say and was just waiting for my one on one with a Duffy counselor so I could check out.
As I walked in to her office the first thing she said, “What’s wrong? Something on your mind?” I said yes and she said, “You’ve been here about 9-10 days” and again I said yes. She then smiled, and I remember that smile, and she said then you’re in the right place. Then we talked, I know we went longer than I should have expected, but she was the right person at the right time for me.
I stayed the remaining 28 days and have been sober ever since. Thank you, Duffy counselors, I hope you realize how important you were in my life.”
—— Dan S. (December 19, 2011)