How Can I Get Drunk Without Getting Alcohol Poisoning?


As a part of heavy partying, people often plan to get drunk. What they don’t plan on is getting alcohol poisoning. For those who drink to excess, however, alcohol poisoning is a real danger.

This begs the question “How can you get drunk without getting alcohol poisoning?”


By controlling how much you drink and how fast you drink it.

Controlling your Drinking

So how do you control the quantity and rate of what you’re drinking when you’re already drunk?

In reality, you can’t.

Once you’ve drank enough alcohol to feel the buzz, you’ve probably drank enough to impair your memory, coordination, and judgment. You won’t be able to remember your middle name, much less try to control how much you drink.

If you’re drinking to get drunk, you’re probably binging, which comes with its own set of problems. The consequences may not always be alcohol poisoning, but they can land you in the hospital just as quickly.

Furthermore, continued alcohol abuse can rapidly lead down the pathway to tolerance and dependence. All those drinking episodes while still thinking you can control your drinking paves the way for addiction—and addiction can take away much more than just your health.

In the words of our founder  Gene Duffy, “No one know s what’s going to happen to him the next time he drinks. . . Each of us in this room certainly has another opportunity to get drunk but no one in this room knows if he or she has run out of opportunities to recover.”