Miracles Happen in Sobriety

I signed in to Duffy’s on August 10, 2010 and you ain’t going to believe what’s happened to me since. This is so insane!

Well, I got sober, stayed sober and then went on to have a miracle, or several, actually. They haven’t stopped coming!

Before going to Duffy’s, I’d had cancer and, as a result, I had part of my tongue removed. It was part of the reason I couldn’t get sober—I felt sorry for myself all the time. Poor, poor me.

Praying for a Miracle

Well, I got sober at Duffy’s, came home, and did something I don’t usually do; I prayed.

I was very specific about what I wanted. I laid out all my demands.”If I was going to continue living” I said, “then this is exactly what I want, God.”

I began waiting for it all to happen, staying sober. A strange kind of peace had come over me.

One day about a year later, I was helping my grandson with his shower and he told me to tell him a poem. So I did. As soon as I had finished he said to me, “Grandpa, you should go write some poetry.”

I thought about it and it sounded like a good idea, so I did. And can you guess what happened next?

A Series of Miraculous Events

The poems just came pouring out! In the 3 years since I’ve left Duffy’s, I’ve written and illustrated over 400 poems, written 14 books, read to over 10,000 kids, parents, teachers and seniors, and have seen audiences of up to 600 people.

One poem I wrote honoring soldiers and veterans was read at the 9/11 memorial event this past Sep. and had 9,000 copies placed in Bibles and distributed to soldiers here and overseas. I’m going to start doing charity and benefit shows, my book “The Rainbow Makers” is now on Amazon and will be on Barnes & Nobles soon, and it’s also in the Sacramento main Library. Can you believe this crap? Awesome, huh?

You can find more info and some of Lance’s wonderful poetry