Remembering Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly, half of the 1990s kid rap duo Kris Kross that had a chart-topping hit with “Jump,” died in Atlanta on Wednesday, May 1, from a suspected drug overdose at age 34 according to the LA Times.

Kelly was found unresponsive on his couch and had no signs of life when paramedics arrived at his home in Atlanta Wednesday afternoon. Although no official cause of death is determined, the former teen star had an extensive history of drug abuse.

According to a police report released Thursday, Kelly had taken a mixture of cocaine and heroin the night before his death. He had felt nauseous during the day before he passed out on the couch, prompting his mother to call 911. He was transported to Atlanta Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Chris Kelly, now dubbed “Mac Daddy,” and partner Chris Smith, “Daddy Mac,” are known for wearing their clothes backwards since they were discovered by Jermaine Dupri at an Atlantic Mall in 1992.

The duo’s debut single “Jump” became a number one smash worldwide in 1992, the fastest-selling single in 15 years, topped the Billboard Hot 100 for eight weeks, and cemented Kelly and Smith—ages 13 and 12 respectively—a place in pop history.

Kelly also has a place in our memories, and we thank him for entertaining the world with his music, talent and passion.

We would like to remember Chris Kelly as we solemnly recognize the negative effects of addiction. Life is a gift addiction consistently tries to steal.

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