Should I skip my employee Christmas party?

So you have lots of Christmas parties you’re supposed to attend, like your work Christmas party, and you’re dreading them because you’re in recovery, attempting to live a life of sobriety. How are you going to be able to stay sober at a Christmas party?

Question: Should you avoid or skip your employee Christmas party if you’re in recovery? 

We recently asked Gayle, our counselor at Duffy’s, what advice she would give. She said you don’t necessarily need to skip your Christmas party, but here are a few things you should consider when making your choice:

1. Seek Advice

It’s often easy to assume we are stronger than we actually are or can handle something we can’t. So before you glibly accept or reject a party invitiation, check with your sponsor and others in recovery. How have they responded in the past to situations like this? What worked for them? What didn’t?

2. Choose to Skip

Sometimes, we immediately assume our employee Christmas parties are “required” events. Often they are not. And if your employer knows you are in recovery, he or she will probably be sensitive to your request to skip. Don’t assume you absolutely have to attend.

3. Choose to Go

Remember that if you choose to attend the party, you don’t necessarily need to be without support. There are many tips or tools you can use to help you stay sober at a party.