Super Mom finds Sobriety

I was an upper-class, soccer/PTA super mom. How could I possibly be an alcoholic?

Well, I was an alcoholic.

The Grip of Addiction

By the time I checked in to Duffy’s, I was a two-bottle-a-night wine drinker. Most nights ended in a black out (although I preferred to call it “going to sleep”). My kids were angry, my husband was fed up and even more importantly, I hated me too.

I’d “come to” every morning around 3a.m. and berate myself for a good half hour over what I’d done. Then I’d promise myself the next day would be different.

It never was.

I went through the same cycle day after day. For years it went on.

Taking a Leap of Faith

I was scared to death when I checked myself in to Duffy’s but I decided to make that program my “higher power.” Once there, I did what was suggested of me (if not more).

I listened and I learned. I didn’t stay as long as I would have liked (the pull of family was too much), but I had a mantra when I left: meetings, steps, sponsor and service.

I drove straight from Duffy’s to my first meeting and attended two per day for weeks after. I still attend at least one meeting a day, I have a sponsor, I’m working the steps and I have four service commitments.

I’d be a liar if I said the first week or two at home weren’t difficult—I avoided the wine aisle at Safeway as if it were death itself. But in a surprisingly short period of time, the obsession to drink was lifted from me.

I still think about it occasionally, but life is so much better for me without alcohol in it. I pray I never pick up again. One day at a time, my prayer has been answered so far.

A Program that Worked

I highly recommend Duffy’s. It’s the perfect combination of a strong treatment center and an excellent foundation for entering recovery and living a sober life “on the outside.”

I also liked the fact that although the days in treatment were relatively full, there was a nice mix of quiet time to reflect and relax. Unlike some other programs, every minute of my day wasn’t scheduled out for me. The facilities are comfortable and the staff are friendly. I’d highly recommend the program to anyone considering residential treatment.

Thanks in large part to Duffy’s, I sit here writing this with about 4 1/2 months of sobriety. I’m still very “new” to sobriety but already, my life is vastly different than it was just months ago.

We’d like to thank Sue for writing this post. We are always thrilled to keep up with our guests and hear about their success in sobriety after treatment! If you know someone who needs help overcoming addiction, please call us today. 707.348.4874