Top 10 Posts From 2012: Duffy’s

We thank our Duffy community and all those who have read and commented on our blog posts this past year! Here we have compiled our most popular blogs of 2012.

1. Top 10 Most Commonly Abused Drugs and Their Effects

Ever wondered which drugs are the most commonly abused? As our number one hit in 2012, thousands of people are wondering the same thing. Based on data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, this blog lists the 10 most popular drugs in the nation.

2. Vicodin 301: Why is Vicodin Addictive?

We’re not blowing an issue out of proportion is we say that your everyday Vicodin can be dangerous. In fact, Vicodin is classified as a controlled substance for a reason. This article explains how Vicodin effects your brain and your body, your chances of addiction, and helps you understand how a small pill can have such a big effect.

3. How Long Does Alcohol Stay in my Body?

Or better yet—when can I start to drive after drinking? This post provides easy step-by-step guidelines to calculate how much alcohol you have in your system, how long it takes for it go get out of your system, and when it is safe to drive after drinking.

4. Ten Most Addictive Drugs

All drugs have a varying degree of potency and addictiveness. Based on a Dutch study done in 2010, this blog gives you a list of the world’s ten most addictive drugs and explains the science behind what makes them addictive.

5. Five Dangerous Drug Combinations

One of the most common concerns in the drugs world relates to drug combinations and what you can’t mix with what. Here are some general rules to know about mixing drugs and 5 drug cocktails to avoid.

6. Top 5 Most Common Designer Drugs

Designer drugs, street drugs, party drugs, or whatever you want to call them, these drugs are everywhere, and there’s hundreds of them. But here we list just five for you—five of the most dangerous and most abused illegal drugs ever created in a laboratory.

7. Does Obamacare Cover Substance Abuse?

Rehab and treatment may be expensive, but the benefits from the President’s new health care program may help cut the decrease the cost and allow for more coverage. See the article for more details.

8. About the 12 Step Drawings

There are many ways to share your recovery experience, and one of the most beautiful ways is through art. Here, an anonymous artist tells his recovery story through a series of pictures, one for each of the 12 steps and other recovery tools. Visit this page ready to be inspired!

9. Opana, the new OxyContin

The formulation of the tamper resistant OxyContin (containing the opioid oxycodone) has sent addicts seeking another way to sustain their addiction. And this road  is called Opana. Read more to learn about what Opana is, what it does, and how this trend may lead to a completely different result from what scientists expect.

10. Six Ways to Know You’re an Addict

One of the most common questions we see goes something like this “How do I know if I’m addicted?” The picture of a typical addict is usually very different from what you think, and the changes are often so small  that you can’t see them. In this blog post, we lists six subtle signs that point towards an addiction.

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