Why I Work with Alcoholics

Our founder, Gene Duffy is a living legend, a daily inspiration, and our all-time favorite person to quote.

Not long after he became sober, Gene dedicated himself to helping others find freedom and recovery (read Gene’s story). Patrick, a Duffy’s counselor, said, “What I know about Gene Duffy is that he was absolutely passionate about helping alcoholics and addicts who were suffering.”

Patrick is right: of all who knew Gene, they will remember his fiery, contagious, and unrelenting passion. But why did he care so much?

Below is an excerpt from Gene’s reasons for why he loved working with alcoholics.

“I was conceived somewhere in that unknown land that lies between fate and destiny, and there, someone much higher and stronger than I, deemed it necessary to cast me upon the reefs of life and backwash me into an eternity of love, hate, joy and sorrow.  He chose me to wander in the Islands beneath the Southern Cross and span the greatest of continents numerous times. Many times he chose me to lie in drunken stupor upon skid-rows and to rave deliriously while bound to a hospital bed. Once he placed me in the company of the giants of the construction world only to return me to the trowel and level. He saw fit at times to decorate me with military honors but yet he also confined me within his jails. Then one day, as I lay fallen, Jekyled by my own selfish lust and greed, he reached down and He chose me to . . . ”  Read the Rest