Alcoholism: A Cunning Beast

Though we will forever have the memories of what our lives were like before sobriety, it can be easy to forget the strength of the beast as we become busier, happier, and journey further in recovery. And that’s just what it wants.
You see, when we’re too busy or complaisant, we forget the real power of alcoholism and the havoc it can still cause in our lives. 

Forgetting who we were and only focusing on who we are is a poor attempt to become who we want to be.

I recently read a blog post by a recovering alcoholic entitled “A Letter to My Disease.” This personal letter illustrates the point so powerfully. In the letter, she portrays the true cunningness of our addiction and reminds us of the reality of its presence …long into recovery.

Listen to her powerful words:

“Like polio you are only sleeping.  Thanks to those helping hands I have learned to be hyper-vigilant and to recognize my cravings for what they are, your attempt to come back into my life.  Keep sleeping – you are not welcome here. . .

So remain in that small part of my soul, alcoholism.  I no longer hate you or what you did to my childhood, or my adulthood or the childhood of my children.  I do not hate you for what you did to my body and the work I must now do to regain my health.  I do not hate you because hate and love are strong emotions that sit side by side.

Rather I respect you.  I will never underestimate your power.  I will keep you close because that’s what you do with your enemies.  But I will not give you any more power.

Sleep you bastard of a disease…you can’t hurt me unless I allow it…and I no longer allow it.”

Do you remember the power of the beast? 

Alcoholism wants you to forget the truth. It wants you to forget it’s still there hiding in the shadows. Why give it that kind of power?

Can you set aside some time today—or this week—and reflect on your journey to recovery? There’s power in sharing your story, whether it’s with a friend, family member, or even a complete stranger.