Monthly Archives: March 2013

What is Alcohol Awareness Month?

Held every April, Alcohol Awareness Month is a national effort to highlight the effects of alcoholism and alcohol-related problems. At Duffy’s, we are passionate about helping those who are struggling with alcohol, so we are excited to participate in this special month on our blog. Who Sponsors Alcohol Awareness Month? The National Council on Alcoholism … Read More

Top 10 Bizarre Drugs

Throughout history, people have turned to all kinds of bizarre sources to discover the ultimate high. From salamander brandy to cobra venom, the following list of hair-raising, gag-stimulating drugs demonstrate the intensity of drug abuse and the power of addiction throughout the world. 10. Hand Sanitizer One of the most recent among a lengthy list … Read More

About Sizzurp: The Syrup You Don’t Want on Your Pancakes

On Friday, March 15, reports announced that rapper Lil Wayne was in a coma after suffering multiple seizures from an overdose of the popular recreational drug, Sizzurp. What is Sizzurp? Sizzurp, also known as purple drank, syrup, or Texas tea, is a combination of prescription strength cough syrup with 7-Up or a similar fruit-flavored soda and dissolved … Read More

Selincro: a Miracle Fix for Addiction?

For decades, society has dreamed of a miracle drug that can end substance addiction. We’ve hoped for a way to make recovery from addiction effortless and painless—that “quick fix” for addiction itself. Lunbeck, a Danish international pharmaceutical company, claims to have finally bagged that dream and squished it into a little tablet dubbed Selincro. Have … Read More