Art Therapy in Chemical Dependency Treatment

In order for us to truly heal from a traumatic experience, we must first allow ourselves to process that experience. It’s not always easy, however, to translate a storm of painful emotions into words. Art therapy provides another option for people to work through painful experiences or emotions when words prove difficult.

Art therapy is particularly helpful for people in drug and alcohol treatment because it fosters healing and promotes personal growth.

How does Art Therapy Work?

The use of art media is the primary mode of communication. An art therapist is a qualified, registered professional who is experienced in working with people of all ages and with a wide range of difficulties, disabilities, and diagnoses. Art therapy is not recreation or crafts class, but it can be enjoyable. No previous experience or expertise in art is required.

For people who struggle with chemical dependency, the issues of mind and emotion tend to stay hidden, and then flood consciousness in early sobriety. Working with an art therapist helps guests titrate emotional experience and allows them to reflect upon and manage their feelings. In this way, communication and self expression are improved. Fresh perceptions and perspective are created and obtained, resulting in positive changes, development of new skills,  and the healing of conflicts.

Benefits of Art Therapy

Significant benefits come from the therapist’s in-depth understanding of the process of creating art in combination with the application of therapeutic methods. People in treatment tap into healing resources in the art, communicate them in relationship with the therapist, and integrate them within the self.

Additional benefits for people in treatment include reconciliation of emotional and life conflicts, processing trauma, and relief from anxiety, depression and extreme stress. Art Therapy enhances cognitive abilities, provides a basis for self-esteem and self awareness without judgment, and promotes reality orientation.

Art Therapy at Duffy’s

At Duffy’s, we believe that the healing power of art therapy helps our guests acheieve long-term sobriety. That’s why we make it available to all our guests. Our qualified art therapist works directly with guests to aid them in the healing process.

If you’re looking for a treatment facility where you or your loved one can experience healing through art therapy, call us today. 707.348.4874