Alcohol Awareness Month: Helping you and your family find hope

April is National Alcohol Awareness Month, a national effort sponsored by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence to raise awareness about alcohol-related problems and recovery.  This year’s theme is “Help for today, hope for tomorrow,” with an emphasis on underage drinking and its effects on young people and their families.

The destructive power of alcoholism is something we understand personally. Because we know how much it hurts, we want to do everything we can to help others heal from the pain of addiction.

At Duffy’s, we are excited for the opportunity to help others understand the reality of alcohol addiction, it’s impact on the family, and—most importantly—the overwhelming power of recovery. To contribute to this important time of reflection, we have compiled a list of our top resources on alcohol.

We encourage you to read, share, and use these resources to help anyone who may be struggling with alcoholism. And if there’s any other way we can help you and your family, however addiction has affected you, please let us know!

Learning about Addiction

Am I an Alcoholic Just Because I Drink?:

  • Know the difference between social drinking, binge drinking and addiction

Two Great Myths about the Alcoholic Stereotype

  • Address two common misrepresentations of the modern alcoholic

10 Ways Alcohol Is Shaping Our Future

  • See staggering statistics about the influence of alcohol on our children (infographic)

Achieving Long-term Sobriety in A.A.

  • Understand what makes Alcoholics Anonymous effective—and what doesn’t

Helping an Addicted Family Member

How Do I Talk to an Addict without Offending Them?

  • Learn general principles on how to confront your loved one

Free Guide to Hosting an Intervention

  • Download a 70 page free e-book that  walks you step-by-step through the process of staging a successful intervention

How to Find the Best Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center

  • Learn the five elements of a quality treatment center and how to choose the best treatment center for you

How Obamacare Affects Rehab

  • Learn how insurance can help you pay for alcohol treatment

Alcohol Safety

How Much Alcohol Is Too Much?

  • See what is a standard drink and how much you can safely drink (explanation and infographic)

When is it Safe for me to Drive after Drinking?

  • Understand how long alcohol stays in your body and learn how to calculate your body’s BAC

Facts and Effects about Alcohol

  • Find answers to commonly asked questions about alcohol’s effects, alcohol withdrawal & detox and the cost of treatment

Five Dangerous Drug and Alcohol Combinations

  • Understand why you should never mix these five drugs with alcohol

Preventing Addiction

Teaching Your Kids about Alcohol: 5 Dos and Don’ts

  • Learn practical tips on how to talk effectively to your children about drinking

6 Alcohol and Drug Resources that Teens Actually Want to Read

  • Explore he internet’s most interactive and informative alcohol and drug websites for teens

Inspiring Stories of Recovery from Alcoholism

Kate’s Story: Climbing out of the Pit of Addiction

  • Learn how a former Duffy’s guest found hope and recovery from alcoholism

Raising Awareness

Alcohol Awareness T-Shirt

  • Support Alcohol Awareness Month with this T-shirt!

Additional Sources of Help