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Getting through the holidays can be difficult–and they happen over and over again. . .Christmas, New Years, Fourth of July, etc. What can you do to stay sober? How can you avoid substance abuse and still enjoy the holiday? Below are a collection of blog posts and articles designed to help you survive (and enjoy!) the holidays while in recovery.

6 Practical New Year Resolutions for a Recovering Addict: Part 1

New year’s resolutions have become something of a joke. So unless you’re part of the 8% who actually succeed in achieving their goals, you’re probably not banking on this holiday tradition to actually make a difference in your life. But recovery is different because recovery is a day-by-day process and not a once-a-year deal. Recovery is … Read More

Merry Christmas!

Dear friends and family: During this Christmas season, we want to take a moment to thank you for letting us be a part of your new life in recovery. We miss having your beautiful spirits around Duffy’s, but we’re excited that you have an opportunity enjoy a new life and freedom this holiday season. Wishing … Read More

What should I do if I relapse during the holidays?

Question: What should I do if I relapse during the holidays? The holidays can be one of the most difficult times for those of us in recovery. We’re getting invited to employee Christmas parties and other family and friend events where drinking is expected. And sometimes we relapse almost accidentally, maybe because we just want to fit in with … Read More

How to Refuse a Christmas Invitation While in Recovery

Question: How do I refuse a Christmas invitation without offending someone? How do I tell people I can’t drink?  This is one of the most commonly asked questions during the holiday season. And no wonder: refusing Christmas invitations never occurs without a layer of awkardness. Ask for advice. The first thing to do is to ask … Read More

Why is it hard to stay sober during the holidays? A Staying Sober Tip

Staying sober during the holidays isn’t easy, probably because you’re surrounded by friends and family, creating emotionally charged and stressful situations. Some of the sticky situations you might encounter this season might may include Family conflict. Strained relationships may complicate holiday planning—or leave you with little to plan for. Past Guilt. Memories of what happened during past … Read More

What Is Christmas?

It’s finally here―the best time of the year―but sometimes the hardest time of the year for those of us still in our disease of addiction or recovery. This anonymous poem helps us all to remember exactly what Christmas is. Every time a hand reaches out To help another . . . that is Christmas Every … Read More

How Can I Help My Friend Stay Sober on July 4th?

We’ve all been there trying desperately hard to encourage our loved one—parent, friend, father, mother, sister, brother—to remain sober and enjoy their life of recovery. But it isn’t aways easy, especially when holidays come around. It’s so easy to assume that just because others enjoy alcohol on the holidays, our loved should be “able to … Read More

Choosing the Ironman Addiction: Try This Out for a New Year’s Resolution!

Being addicted to something isn’t always bad. In fact, sometimes addiction to a noble goal or cause can push us to accomplish what we never thought was possible before. The other day, someone sent me this YouTube video about Todd Crandell who spent 13 years in a drug and alcohol addiction spiral. But in 1993, Todd chose … Read More