Synthetic Marijuana: An Unexpected Killer

Killer on the Loose

With three people dead and many more sick, medical professionals and citizens of Colorado alike are baffled by the deaths linked to the legal drug-synthetic marijuana. Officials have reported approximately 75 cases of illness reported since the beginning of August potentially linked with synthetic marijuana usage in the Denver and Colorado Springs area.

Popularly known as Spike, as well as many other catchy brand names, synthetic marijuana is sold legally in many states across the USA. If you can purchase it on the internet, and at a local tobacco shop, than why such deadly results?

What is Synthetic Marijuana?

Unlike marijuana, synthetic marijuana is created by the spraying of natural herbs with chemicals to produce cannabis-like effects. The US government has banned synthetic marijuana in the past with specific chemicals, but companies remake the synthetic drug with different compositions. This strain in Colorado is one of the worst.

No specific brand has been found to be the killer yet, but officials are asking locals not to use the substance, and to destroy any synthetic marijuana they have already bought.

Legal Isn’t the Same thing as Safe

This is a prime example of how legal does not always mean safe. We live in a society that continues to market cigarettes and alcohol as being safe for adult consumption while the death toll increases daily. We all need to be aware and informed about what we put into our body, even if it is legal.