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Recovery Event Tonight in Redwood City

Get ready for National Recovery Month tonight in Redwood City! Award winning singer songwriter Elizabeth Edwards is touring to help us all celebrate recovery this month. She starts her tour tonight with a live performance at a screening of the film “The Anonymous People.” Recovery Event Details The San Mateo County “Recovery Happens” Planning Committee … Read More

Celebrate Your Recovery at “Recovery Happens”

In nine days (September 3), more than 4,000 people affected by alcohol and drug addiction will gather on the west steps of California’s State Capitol in Sacramento to celebrate their renewed life attained through recovery. The annual event called “Recovery Happens” aptly kicks off recovery-themed September as Californians from all walks of life come together … Read More

My “Safe” Drugs Landed Me in the ICU

Some were just too scary: heroin, meth, LSD and ecstasy, to name a few. Pills though—prescription pills, didn’t fall into the “scary” category in my alcohol-pickled mind. Made in pharmaceutical plants and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, stuff like narcotic capsules, tablets and liquids seemed like a pretty safe bet. I had discovered that alcohol alone … Read More