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Gene Duffy, founder of Duffy’s, consistently used to say that “Duffy’s was a family business for a family problem.” Addiction doesn’t affect just the addict or alcoholic–it affects his or her entire family and circle of friends. The following are a collection of blog posts and articles designed to help you understand the disease of addiction, so you can better support and encourage your loved one during this difficult time.

How to Support your Loved Ones While They’re in Rehab

Just getting your loved one to rehab doesn’t necessarily guarantee lifelong recovery. You still need to support your loved one in recovery and when she returns home. It is true that the most difficult part of working with your loved one might be over, but supporting them while they discover and re-discover themselves in rehab … Read More

12 Step Program is Successful for Teens

A research study done by the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health proved what thousands before have believed to be true: that the 12 step program works, specifically for adolescents. Researches studied 403 participants between ages 13-18 who were enrolled in a treatment programs in northern California and followed their progress for over 7 … Read More