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Gene Duffy, founder of Duffy’s, consistently used to say that “Duffy’s was a family business for a family problem.” Addiction doesn’t affect just the addict or alcoholic–it affects his or her entire family and circle of friends. The following are a collection of blog posts and articles designed to help you understand the disease of addiction, so you can better support and encourage your loved one during this difficult time.

Can Alcoholism be Inherited?

Answer: Yes. There is convincing evidence that alcoholism can be passed along through the generations by way of a biologic pathway called genetic predisposition. These “addiction genes” are biological differences that may make someone more or less vulnerable to addiction. These genes may also be the ones that make it harder for some to quit or easier to … Read More

Family and Friends Aid in Prescription Drug Abuse

In most households across America, stuff filling the kitchen cabinet is free for the taking. This homey, “up-for-the-grabs” mentality is seeping into the fabric of our drug culture—especially in the arena of painkillers and other prescription drugs. More than 70% of people experimenting with painkillers receive the drug from a friend or family member according to … Read More

Number of Senior Citizens Needing Rehab Program Increases 50%

The romantic and stereotypical image of our grandparents sitting in their rocking chairs on the front porch enjoying the sunset is just that—romantic. And not reality. The reality is that the number of senior citizens who have been treated for addiction over a recent 5-year period (2004-2009) has risen nearly 50%, according to a January 2012 … Read More

5 Tips to Help Loved Ones Survive New Year’s Eve Without Drugs or Alcohol

It’s here. A difficult time of the year—New Year’s Eve—for recovering addicts and their loved ones. Between the late night and non-stop partying, there is probably no night more difficult for recovering addicts than December 31st. How can you help your loved ones, recovering from their addiction, survive their first New Year’s Eve? Make Love … Read More