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Medical research continues to advance and enhance treatment methods. Below are a collection of blog posts and articles, designed to keep you informed of medical news related to drugs, alcohol, addiction, and recovery.

What Are Biomarkers?

There are lots of different approaches to treat alcohol addiction, like using medications (Naltrexone) or the meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. Or biomarkers. Biomarker testing have been used to monitor treatment outcomes for quite some time, and lately biomarkers have been linked with genetic testing to facilitate personalized treatment. A recent pilot study done by the Waukesha County of … Read More

Vicodin 301: Why is Vicodin Addictive?

Vicodin is classified as a Schedule III controlled substance, which means it has potential for abuse and may lead to significant psychological dependence. Simply stated, Vicodin is regulated because it is an addictive drug. But how could your everyday Vicodin be so dangerous? How could Vicodin get a person addicted? Is Vicodin addiction even real? Vicodin’s … Read More

What Drug Can I Take to Treat My Addiction?

The use of medications to treat substance abuse has become the new “biggest thing” in addiction treatment today. Have you ever wondered what drugs you can take to treat an opiate addiction? methamphetamine addiction? or alcohol addiction? Sometimes, you even avoid quitting, simply because you don’t want to deal with the negative effects of withdrawal. … Read More

Can Alcoholism be Predicted?

Question: Can you tell if somebody is going to be an alcoholic? Is alcoholism, like other diseases, predictable? Answer: James W. West, M.D. and author of The Betty Ford Center Book of Answers, says that while there may not be “absolute predictors,” there are “strong clues” as to whether or not a person will become an … Read More

Zohydro: Why Freak Out?

If you’ve been listening to the news last Christmas, you’ve probably heard about Zohydro–the new proposed painkiller coming to market soon. And later this year, you might be hearing a lot more about it. Zohydro has sent little ripples of shock through addiction experts and those who care about the rise of prescription addiction. So … Read More

Proposed New Painkiller Zohydro Could Put Hydrocodone in a Pure Form on the Market

Anyone who has worked in rehabilitation for some time knows that becoming addicted to pain killers is a common way patients become substance-dependent. Unfortunately, prescription drug dependency is one of the saddest forms of dependency since the patient often becomes dependent after seeking some form of relief from doctors for his or her chronic pain … Read More