Category: After Rehab

This is an exciting time–your loved one is coming home from treatment! But how should you prepare to help them? How will help them in this new recovery stage? What should you say to support them? What do you do if they falter? And what about all the practical questions–like job, hobbies, and events on the social calendar?

What I Learned about Listening from AA

“Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating.” –Charlie Kaufman We communicate in many ways. We use touch to say unspoken words. Our eyes are the “windows to the world” and our bodies turn and gesture in an intricate dance of conveyance. Addiction found me sorely wrapped up in myself and my conversation topics followed suit—I talked about … Read More

Tricks of the Trade: How Trading Addictions Impacts Sobriety

Some years ago I owned a restaurant. My produce supplier and I became fast friends, hitting it off right away. Sometimes on weekends, his wife would sometimes accompany him on deliveries.  They both knew I loved coffee, so one morning they came into the restaurant and brought me a thermos of fresh coffee. They warned … Read More

Celebrate Your Recovery at “Recovery Happens”

In nine days (September 3), more than 4,000 people affected by alcohol and drug addiction will gather on the west steps of California’s State Capitol in Sacramento to celebrate their renewed life attained through recovery. The annual event called “Recovery Happens” aptly kicks off recovery-themed September as Californians from all walks of life come together … Read More