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This is an exciting time–your loved one is coming home from treatment! But how should you prepare to help them? How will help them in this new recovery stage? What should you say to support them? What do you do if they falter? And what about all the practical questions–like job, hobbies, and events on the social calendar?

12 Timeless Quotes from the book 12 Stupid Things that Mess Up Recovery

I recently finished re-reading 12 Stupid Things that Mess Up Recovery by Allen Berger, a recovery classic for people in early recovery. I almost forgot what a great book it was. Allen Berger condenses twelve common pitfalls that can mess up recovery and teaches us how to avoid them with the clarity and wisdom of a man with … Read More

Sharing Your Recovery Story the Anonymous Way

This year, Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) celebrates its 78th anniversary. Boasting 3.5 million members participating in some 180,000 groups around the globe, A.A. and its 12 Step program has grown into an organization with tremendous impact. Even in its earliest days A.A. had the same two basic rules: Desire to stop drinking Keep yours and other … Read More

Learn more by reading the Duffy’s Rehab blog. Alcohol-Free Weekend: The Alcohol Awareness Month Challenge.

If you’ve been in recovery for many years, your attitude towards holidays has probably changed a lot since your first years sober.  At first maybe you worried about how to just get through the holidays sober. But now, with so many sober turkeys under your belt, you’re the one giving the advice. Sure, you still have … Read More

Facing the Challenges of Thanksgiving Day: Wisdom from Twitter

Alcoholism: A Three-Fold Disease I once heard someone say in a meeting, “Alcoholism is a three-fold disease: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.” And for newbies in recovery, that pretty much sums up how we feel about the disease of addiction—especially at this time of year. Why? Because holidays are a mixed bag of conflicting emotions and desires. … Read More